How 2 Monitor Arms Can Improve Your Health and Productivity

It’s said that two monitors can boost your productivity, and two monitor arms can boost your health. There are many studies that support both claims, but how exactly do they accomplish that? Well if you ask a programmer how two monitors help them, they’ll probably go on for hours telling you how it makes their workflow more efficient, how they can switch between tasks more efficiently, and access more programs and files at the same time without minimising and maximising windows.

2 monitor arm

On the other hand, a 2 monitor arm will level their monitors to eye-level, thus reducing neck and eye strain, allowing them to work for more hours on end, among other things. But that’s not all, there’s much more to it, working with 2 monitors, and incorporating a 2 monitor arm into your workplace can do wonders for both your health and productivity in a few different ways.

You Get a Compact Workspace

A monitor arm makes it significantly easier to fit more monitors on a limited workdesk. Monitor arms are built to be compact, so you can fit 2 or more monitors tightly together and make more space for other hardware and have space for documents and whatnot. Similarly, monitor arms allow multiple employees to make use of a single workdesk, because they are adjustable and can accommodate more than one user.

A Focused Workspace

You can create a more focused, immersive workspace with a monitor mount. This is simply accomplished by making screens the focal point of the workspace, and allowing the people who work on them to split their work across the multiple screens. Gamers, designers, planners, streamers and many other people can benefit greatly from them.

Improved Health

As briefly aforementioned, monitor arms can improve the quality of your life, at least while working on a computer, significantly. Back and neck strain is no joke. The monitors should be at eye level, and you shouldn’t have to turn your neck too much to pay attention to both. Moreover, you can place one monitor horizontally, and the other vertically, so you aren’t stuck in an immobile position.

Additionally, you can adjust the brightness levels on both monitors accordingly, so if one monitor is positioned at an angle which receives less or more light, you can set its brightness to a lower or higher level, so it doesn’t strain your eyes.

And lastly, monitor arms allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, thus helping you avoid the sitting disease, which can take away years from your life if you live a very sedentary lifestyle. Minimising all the impact of that lifestyle is key to improved health and productivity.