3 Stress-Busting Activities for Families

Let’s face it: modern life is hectic. The pressure of everyday life is taking a toll on family well-being, resulting in more families spending less time together. It’s easy for work, school, and personal obligations to interfere with spending quality time with loved ones. However, spending quality time together is important. Indulging in stress-busting activities strengthens family bonds and provides a sense of belonging and security. Thankfully, with a little effort you can create opportunities for your family to grow closer.

Take a Soak

hot tub
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Most children enjoy being in the water because it’s calming and it stimulates their senses. This makes a spa tub the perfect place for a family with small kids to have fun while working off some energy at the same time. Apart from reducing stress, ergonomic hot tubs can also help improve sleep and almost everyone knows that sleep is critical for growing children.

Families with teens can also benefit from a relaxing soak and meaningful conversation with their adolescents. When choosing the right hot tub for your family’s needs, there are a few things to consider. First, think about how many people will be using the it at once and whether they’d like to lay down or sit up. 

Roomy and larger spa tubs would be most appropriate for larger families. However, keep in mind that a bigger hot tub will cost more to operate because of the electricity needed to keep the water at the proper temperature at all times. Next, to maximise the enjoyment and relaxation of your soak, you should also consider the tub’s height. 

Families with small children might not need a very deep tub, while people with taller or more athletic builds and teenagers may be more comfortable with a deeper design like a spa pool. Also, your decision will be influenced by the space that you have and the access to it. Round and oval hot tubes are compact and therefore would work great for families who don’t have the luxury of owning a large backyard. 

Triangle options can also work perfectly for smaller spaces. Furthermore, you may also take some thought as to how you like to enjoy your soak. If you want to stretch out your legs while you relax, then you might opt for one of the rectangular hot tubs that won’t make you feel like you have to sit in a cramped position.

Get Moving

Many would agree that getting out of the house is always a good idea. Children are naturally curious and they love to explore their surroundings. Many outdoor activities can foster family closeness like building a fort in the backyard, birdwatching, making a kite, biking or camping.

Spending more time outdoors as a family while camping can be fun and beneficial especially if you want to limit your kids’ screen time. Just make sure to pick a family-friendly campground with amenities such as flush toilets and showers. When looking for activities the whole family can enjoy, it’s always helpful to have a backup plan. In case of bad weather, or unexpected events, having a plan B can help kids overcome disappointment. 

Maybe a fun karaoke night in your living room can make up for that missed outdoor picnic. When planning quality time together, you also want to make sure to include everyone in the process. For instance, you can hang a calendar in a shared space in your home. This will encourage anticipation and build excitement.

Craft Up Some Fun

family outdoor activities
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Crafting together as a family offers a fun and creative way to strengthen bonds with loved ones, especially in the winter when we don’t go out so much. By engaging in arts and crafts, family members can collaborate, communicate, and learn from one another. Furthermore, by involving the whole family in DIY projects, you can let everyone’s ideas and creativity shine.

There are many activities you can try out at home. Creating your own storybooks and puppet theatres, making origami and decorations for the holidays can bring you closer together as a family while brightening up the creativity level in your home. To make crafting together a regular part of your family life, you can set aside a specific time when your family can gather to enjoy a crafting activity. 

Let kids help you choose the activities so that everyone can participate and contribute. In the end, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements and have them displayed. Many would agree that no décor piece has a more home-like vibe than the art you’ve created as a family. 

However, remember that it’s not all about achievements. You want to keep your craft time as fun and stress-free free possible. Therefore, try not to obsess about how perfect they’re painting or getting the bead glued on just right. So, gather your supplies, embrace the mess, and let your inner artist shine.