5 Pieces of Garden Gear that Should Be Part of Your Horticulture Arsenal

I don’t know if it’s just a question of trend, or maybe it really is a hobby more suitable to women, but a lot of ladies these days turn to gardening. Florists, organic food growers, herb growers and all other kinds of gardeners can be seen with their gloves and tools working in their yards. It’s no wonder though, if you have the space in your yard, skipping on the possibility to create a small garden where you’ll be growing flowers or food, is just silly. Besides allowing you to be responsible for the quality of the food you’ll grow or the flowers you’ll produce, gardening is actually a very therapeutic activity. It calms the nerves and provides the brain with a solid dose of fresh oxygen, since it’s an outdoor activity.

However, even if you decide to create a small garden and start taking care of it just as a hobby, it doesn’t mean that you should just dig around with a shovel. The point isn’t to take out your negative energy on your backyard and turn it into a pointless space filled with holes – it’s to create a very appealing small corner where you’ll do occasional digs and plantings. For that purpose, you’ll need to get a few basic tools which will allow you to take care of your garden – pro style. You can look for garden supplies online and get pretty good deals on your purchase. Here’s what your starter tool pack should include.


Tools for Working the Soil

This group of elements would include the shovel, the hoe, the spade and forks. If you’re going to be creating holes for planting your seeds, you’re going to need something to dig with. A solid shovel or a spade is a must here. The hoe is also needed for pretty much the same purpose with some minor differences. Forks are essential even if you don’t have a large garden with veggies or flowers or herbs or fruits. Since the grassy surface needs to be maintained and kept leaves free, so having one in your set of tools is also a must.

A Patch Helper Harvesting Tool

Once the first goods of your planting action are born, you’ll want to harvest them. For doing this the right way, you’ll need a harvesting tool. When you search for garden supplies online, look for one with a wooden, fancy handle and a strong knife part. You want quality pieces in your arsenal, not something that will brake on the first use.

A Bootjack

The bootjack is a necessary piece for anyone who doesn’t want to spread mud around the yard and get it in the house as well. Because you’ll be working in your small garden often, you want this piece close to where you take off your shoes. It’s a very convenient helping hand when you’re all muddy and dirty and have to enter your home.

A Hose and a Source of Water

Make sure you have a good quality hose on your disposal. You’ll need to water your small garden often and a close source of water is also needed. Make sure the hose is made of thick material so it doesn’t damage when it comes to certain obstacles on the ground.


Anyone who wants to keep their garden looking splendid needs to have a pair of pruners. Pruners are a must for those who own bushy plants and trees. Some flowers, like roses also need pruning from time to time, so for the sake of outdoor beautifying, make sure you have a pair.