8 Desk Supplies and Accessories to Keep the Work Flow Going

The desk is one of, if not the most important component of the office environment. It’s where you spend the most time, so if you have a permanent residence, you can add personal touches to make yourself feel at home. Whether you have your own permanent or temporary workstation or not, desk accessories are essential for fostering a productive and healthy work environment. 

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1. Desk Stationery

Once you have your furniture, think about everything else you need other than a computer, such as pens, paper, staples, notepads, etc. An office cannot function without stationery to document important information keep the workflow going and help you have a successful day.  
Creating an enjoyable work environment involves more than just providing the bare necessities; it also involves making it as efficient and enjoyable as possible. A planner, for instance, is highly adaptable and will keep your desk tidy. Instead of having sticky notes scattered across your computer screen and desk, you can organise them in a planner. Planners have numerous options available. You can purchase a readymade planner, or you can purchase a downloadable planner, print it, and then bind it.

2. Card Blanks and Envelopes

We are all aware that we live in an age of advanced technology, but nothing can replace a physical letter written by hand. Whether you’re communicating with your customers or sending a request to your employees or boss, you need to have some card blanks and envelope stacks close by, regardless of how your office desk is organised. 
If you’re a freelancer, contractor, artist or have any kind of independent job, blank cards and envelopes are always good to have around. You can use them to send personalised notes and warm wishes during holidays, milestones, or any kind of special occasion. 

In addition, if you’re running a business, you may not have previously considered your mailing to be an advertisement. You simply insert the contents, seal the envelope, and affix a postage stamp before letting it be mailed. However, the envelope is the only piece of your correspondence that will be visible in the recipient’s mailbox, and it will be the first thing they see! Branded envelopes demonstrate the inventiveness of the company and highlight its branding, thereby enhancing your reputation. By promoting your name, you are increasing the company’s visibility and aiding in the communication of its message.
Most will choose paper or cardstock based solely on the colour and finish because these are what they initially notice. However, paper weight should also be taken into account because it greatly affects how your wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other handmade items look and feel. Whether you’re creating DIY wedding invitations, expert business cards, or greeting cards for your clients, the appropriate weight can help you make the right first impression. 
Here’s a quick guide to paper weight measured in GSM (grams per square metre):

  • 70 to 90 gsm- Typical office printer paper weight.
  • 100 to 140 gsm – Heavier paper that can endure a little more wear and tear. 
  • 150 to 200 gsm – Both thicker sheets and thin cardstock are included in this range.
  • 230gsm to 450gsm – A card ideal for die cutting, layering, and crafts.
  • 240 to 290 gsm – The ideal weight for handmade cards. They could also work well as invitations to a wedding. 
  • 350gsm to 400gsm – This type of card, which is heavier and feels higher quality, is frequently used for business cards. It’s also perfect for handcrafted cards and wedding invites.
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3. Cable Management

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to locate a charger or wasting time untangling reams of cables, not to mention the fact that tangled cables pose a significant health and safety risk. A cable management system must be in place if you wish to appear professional in important meetings but to also keep you safe in case some of your electronics break or you need to quickly locate a certain item.

4. Office Organisers

Keeping your cables organised is important, but so is knowing exactly where you placed that letter document or that favourite pen or marker you need to use at all times. Desktop organisers are essential for keeping track of everything on a desk, from papers to pens, and for maintaining order. It’s now proven that a clean desk equates to a clear mind which is good news for anyone who likes to get things done in an efficient and organized manner.

5. Laptop Stand

Those who prefer to work at an angle or while standing must have a laptop stand. They can also improve posture and concentration, and a blue light filter will make working all day on a computer screen easier on the eyes. This also includes an ergonomic mouse, keyboard, and other pieces of a workstation that will help keep you in a straightforward body position.

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6. Workplace Plants

In addition to being proven mood boosters, plants also purify the air and balance the humidity in an office. They illuminate a space and can provide a sense of home at the desk. Some office plants can be difficult to maintain, especially during busier weeks, but with a little research, you can easily find which ones will work best with the climate you’re in, depending if you have a window and other similar factors.

7. Station for Relaxation

Finally, in order to achieve a healthy work and rest balance, everyone must find time and unwind in the workplace. During the warmer months, going for a short walk or eating lunch outside may be an ideal way to escape the office, but during the colder months, nobody wants to freeze outside.  Staying in the office with massage equipment or having a stretching area is not only going to keep your body at ease but improve your mental health and well-being.

8. Coffee Maker

Coffee is a necessity in the office. If you do not have a coffee maker, you must get one. Good coffee and high-quality mugs are the best desk accessories for fostering office camaraderie or helping everyone get a jump on the day. However, don’t forget to keep yourself adequately hydrated with a water bottle as well!