The Advantages of Chest Freezers in Commercial Settings

Freezers are easily one of the most important pieces of equipment for food businesses, regardless of whether it’s a top-tier restaurant or a convenience store. That being said, in order to ensure your business complies with the health and safety rules and regulations, having a quality freezer to store all the products that need to be kept at a certain temperature is essential. One of the best types of commercial freezers are the chest models, simply because they are designed to stock massive quantities of frozen food.

Quality chest freezers are extremely useful, versatile, and energy efficient appliances. They save you money long-term, and allow you to store bulky items in abundance, regardless of whether that’s seasonal jams and berries, or large pieces of meat. That being said, chest freezers offer many benefits over conventional upright freezers in terms of price, energy efficiency and storage capacity. Moreover, certain models come with auto defrost and frost-free features.commercial-chest-freezer

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficient properties of these freezers are attributed to their built-in sidewall insulation which helps to maintain their low temperature for long time-periods, hence using less energy to function. More importantly, if there’s a power outage you can rest assured that your products will remain cold for about three days, as long as you keep the lid closed. Look for energy star ratings to get an indication whether they’re rated as energy efficient.

Abundance of Space

It’s hard to beat a chest freezer when it comes to available space. Chest freezers use most of their total space, unlike upright freezers that have compartments which sometimes cannot be removed. You can choose whether you need compartments in your chest freezer or not, so that you can have your items properly organised and stored per your requirements. This benefit also helps you maintain sufficient supply during peak times when you are busiest, as the shift in demand is something you have to take into account beforehand when running a food business.

Elegant Design

One of the added conveniences of having a chest freezer is the fact that it allows you to organise the contents however you want. You can separate the different types of items with the help of cardboard boxes. However, taking and putting items inside the freezer may be tiresome for some, as you’ll constantly have to bend over. But there are various chest freezer models that come with bottom drawers, if you don’t mind the fact that this will slightly reduce the freezer’s capacity.