Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Charcoal Grills

If you run a commercial kitchen, and grilled meat is a vital part of your menu, then you should probably consider getting a charcoal grill instead of gas one. Even though gas grills are much more convenient nowadays, they simply pale in comparison to charcoal ones in terms of quality. If you’re wondering why the good old-fashioned charcoal grill is still so popular, keep reading, we’ll be discussing it in detail.

When you cook meat on a commercial charcoal grill, the meat has that smokey feel to it which can’t be found in meat cooked on gas or electric grills. Even though gas and electric grills cook it quicker, they fail to keep the meet tender and juicy. A commercial charcoal grill cooks the meat slowly and the continuous exposure to the heat causes the fat inside it to liquefy, thus separating itself from the meat. This way, the meat gets rid of the excess fat and calories.


Additionally, charcoal grills keep the nutrients, like minerals, vitamins and proteins intact, resulting in a more nutritious product. Additionally, the temperature can reach higher degrees which means a better cooked meat, even on the inside. You can also control the heat by shifting the coals to different spots on the grill, which is especially beneficial when cooking different types of meat that require different temperatures.

However, charcoal grills also have some disadvantages, just like electric and gas grills have. For instance, they can be quite messy, and it can take a lot of effort to start them and clean them. Moreover, reaching the desired temperature can take quite some time, and you might have a hard time determining and reaching the temperature you need.

Additionally, you might get occasional flare-ups, which can be extremely annoying. Reducing the temperature significantly at one go is also almost impossible because there are no knobs that can help you regulate it. And lastly, the emission of smoke can be inconvenient, and continuous exposure can lead to breathing problems.

Luckily, modern commercial charcoal grills come with starters which help you ignite them quicker. You can also tackle the temperature issues by using a thermometer to slowly control it to the desired level. In other words, most modern charcoal grills have so many great features that far outweigh their few inconvenient ones. They’re built of high quality stainless steel, feature manual button lighting systems, and zinc and alloy knobs for easier cleaning.