Adventure Time: Grab Your Bike, Pack a Snack and Don’t Look Back

Adventure time, come on – grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands.”

These are the very same words that start popping in my mind whenever I ignore my need for a short but fulfilling trip outside the city. The explorer inside me, the explorer inside all of us never sleeps, he only waits patiently to be heard, until he decides to wait no more. Yes, fleeing the concrete jungle we spend most of our days in and finding a world untouched by men is something our soul yearns for, something that should not be postponed for too long.


Perhaps the easiest and cleanest way to change the scenery that surrounds us and reach both familiar and unknown lands is by hopping on our bike and hitting the road. Ah, yes, road bikes, who doesn’t love them? Who doesn’t see how useful they are? Well, according to many bicycle user surveys, nobody. Millions of people find owning a road bike smart and convenient, which is why more than a half of the Australian households have at least one bicycle in working order. If you are not among them, do not worry – there are thousands of great stores for road bikes Australia wide. Your precious (bike, not ring, of course) is waiting to be found.

So, what makes road bikes such an amazing vehicle? What makes them worth our money? Many things, for sure. For starters, a road bicycle is both a friend of ours and a friend of the environment. We all know that in order to maintain good health, we need to be physically active, which is not something we are very enthusiastic about. Well, riding a bike is such an enjoyable, liberating and relaxing experience that thinking of it as an exercise won’t be possible.


Do you know who else will benefit from our road bike? That’s right, Mother Nature. Bikes, unlike cars and other motor vehicles, neither run on fuel nor require toxic batteries or motor oil. So, whenever we choose to visit the nearest forest with the help of a road bike instead of a car, we express our gratitude and love to our home planet. Most of the shops for road bikes Australia wide tend to highlight this in their marketing materials.

Another thing that owning a road bike will do for you is save you a significant amount of money, especially if you regularly go on field trips with it. You won’t have to pay for gas, insurance or parking, which will give you the opportunity to spend some money on other things that matter to you.

Feeling the gentle wind on our face, allowing the Sun to tenderly kiss our skin, being able to fully absorb the beauty of the countryside we pass by – now, that’s what I call a pleasing and adventurous ride, one that we can only experience on a bike.