All the Info You Need About RV Mains Chargers

RV mains chargers are the perfect solution for charging the batteries of your RVs, boats and other vehicles that use lead-acid batteries. They are designed to deliver a full charge to the battery in less than 12 hours, which means you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

What Are The Benefits Of An RV Main Charger?


These chargers are ideal if you’re away from home for extended periods of time as they will continuously monitor and maintain the battery voltage and temperature. This means that when you return home from your travels, the charger will be ready to go and immediately start charging your batteries.

Because these mains chargers are designed for use in rough environments, they feature a rugged design that is resistant to corrosion as well as high salt-water immersion levels. This means they’ll last for years to come without any problems.

An RV mains charger is ideal if you’re looking for an easy way to charge your batteries. They will plug into any standard wall outlet so there’s no need to run an extra cable into your vehicle. They also come with a variety of different connectors, so you can choose one that best fits the type of batteries in your RV or boat.

What Are The Different Types Of Main Chargers?

There are three main types of chargers: smart chargers, basic chargers and solar chargers.

Smart chargers feature microprocessors that detect when the battery is fully charged so they won’t overcharge it. They also automatically adjust the charging rate according to temperature and battery capacity so that they deliver the optimal charge each time.

Basic chargers do not have any additional features; instead, they simply provide a steady voltage at a constant current to ensure that your batteries are fully charged as quickly as possible. These chargers are ideal for small RVs and boats that don’t require a lot of power.

Solar chargers use solar panels to collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity that can be used to charge batteries. They are ideal for RVs and boats that spend extended periods of time away from an AC outlet, as they can continue to charge even when there’s no power available.

What Features Should I Look For In An RV Mains Charger?


There are a number of different features that you should look for in an RV mains charger:

  • Output voltage – You want to make sure the charger is compatible with your battery so it can deliver the correct amount of power. Most chargers have an output voltage of 12V to 24V, but some can be as high as 36V or 48V depending on their design.
  • Current capacity – The current capacity is the number of amperes that are being delivered by the charger and it’s important to ensure it’s compatible with your battery. If the current capacity is too low, it will take a long time for the batteries to charge; if it’s too high, it may damage your batteries.
  • Temperature range – You also want to check the temperature range of the charger as this will determine how well it can handle different environments. A good mains charger should be able to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius without any problems.
  • Mounting options – Depending on where you’re going to use the charger, you’ll need to make sure it has mounting options that work best in your particular vehicle or boat. Some chargers come with brackets that can be attached to a wall or ceiling, while others have holes so they can be bolted down.
  • Warranty – Finally, it’s important to check the warranty of any charger before you buy it as this will give you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.


An RVs main charger is the perfect solution for charging your batteries when they’re not in use. It will monitor and maintain voltage at all times, so you can be sure it’s always fully charged.

Because these chargers are designed to deliver a full charge to the battery over a period of time, they are ideal if you need to leave your vehicle or boat for extended periods of time as they will continuously charge until you return home. They also feature an LED display that shows the status of the battery charge so you can easily tell if it’s ready to go.

An RV mains charger will ensure that your batteries are always in good working order as it monitors and maintains them at all times. Because these chargers are designed for use in harsh environments, they’re able to withstand high levels of corrosion and saltwater immersion without any problems.

But because these chargers are designed to charge over a period of time, if you need to use your batteries for an extended period of time then it may not be the best solution. The charger will still be connected when you’re using the vehicle or boat but it won’t be able to deliver any power until it’s fully charged again.