All the Info You Need to Buy the Perfect Caravan Tool Box

If there’s one thing that every RV caravanner can agree on is that no matter how large their rig is, there’s never enough storage space. There’s a fine line between having too much gear and not having enough storage though, and assuming you’re not hauling kit around that you’ll never need, let’s talk about storage solutions that make better use of the space you have.

Your caravan already has additional storage space that you might not have fully tapped into: your drawbar and your rear bar. But even if you’re comfortable with lashing a hodge-podge of various-sized boxes and excess equipment onto them, how protected is it all from loss or damage?

Real toolboxes are what you need to help organize and protect your gear; and fortunately, they’re not only built for tools. They’re sleek, multi-purpose storage containers that are as good-looking as they are versatile, and they’re designed especially for making the best use of unclaimed storage space on caravans.

A Look at What Premium Caravan Toolboxes Have to Offer

Let’s be honest: although there are a lot of storage solutions on the market, they’re not all made the same. Innovative, aesthetically-pleasing design is what sets premium quality caravan toolboxes apart from the rest of the pack, allowing you to safely maximize your storage capacity while minimizing the risk of theft or breakage.

caravan toolboxes

Top-notch storage boxes have to begin with robust materials, however, and that means starting with a heavy-duty 2.5mm aluminium checker plate. If you’re doing the big lap around Australia, anything from sweltering heat to seasonal downpours is possible, and the advantages that aluminium caravan boxes have even over mild steel versions include:

·   Unbeatable rust and corrosion resistance;

·   Lightweight construction that won’t play havoc with your GVW or fuel consumption; and,

·   The choice of either polished or black powder-coated finishing.

This is only the beginning of what a high-quality caravan toolbox has to offer, though. Sturdy internal construction is what really separates superior storage boxes from lesser-quality metal enclosures, and make no mistake: the best boxes are going to be just as solid on the inside as they are on the outside.

Here’s What it Takes to Make a Proper Toolbox

Although a lot of aluminium storage boxes for caravans look very similar, the first good bump in the road can quickly reveal just how dissimilar they are. Under light shock or even modest flexing, a box that’s only partially welded or isn’t fully reinforced can literally pop apart at the seams, leaving you with a severely weakened metal container attached to your caravan that could break completely apart at any moment.

caravan high quality toolbox

A properly constructed aluminium caravan toolbox won’t fracture or fail under torsional stress because of construction attributes that include:

·   Full TIG-welded seams throughout;

·   Full-length reinforced roof, walls, and door bracings; and,

·   Full-length stainless steel piano-type hinges.

Even when it comes to fending off sticky fingers and bad weather, high-quality aluminium tool boxes for caravans also feature:

·   Stainless steel T-handle lock latches;

·   Keyed security locks; and,

·   Fully weatherproofed rubber door seals.

Provided you have an adequate overhang or overhead clearance, other accessories like jerry cans and spare wheel holders can also be mounted onto, or above your caravan tool box. It’s an indicator of just how solidly constructed these boxes are; however, these are just the foundations of a proper storage solution. The satisfaction that comes with using one of these aerodynamic caravan tool boxes to reshape your storage space is the real benefit, and you won’t be disappointed with just how functional they are.

Tool Boxes Designed Especially for Your Generator

If you’re the type of caravanner that doesn’t like to leave anything to chance and always brings a generator along, then a caravan drawbar generator box is what you need to avoid wrestling with yours every time you want to pull it out. A compartmented, left-sided generator box lets you safely store and operate your power source directly from a drawbar-mounted container.

caravan drawbar box

Generator boxes typically come in 1450mm(L) / single compartment, 1400mm(L) / dual compartment, or 2200mm(L) / triple compartment configurations with pullout sliders on both ends. This makes these versatile caravan drawbar tool boxes ideal for combining with pullout BBQs, or standard storage for gas cylinders, levelling blocks or any other accessories that you might ordinarily find yourself struggling to safely make space for.

Get a Tool Box That Fits Your Pop-up Perfectly

3-door, dual-compartment caravan drawbar toolbox configurations come in 1500mm and 1700mm lengths and are ideal for small campers, getaways, and pop-up trailers. When every millimetre of space can make a big difference, these solutions excel at storing tools, chocks, and other bits of road gear that otherwise end up stacked in the boot of your tow vehicle. 

And although these compact caravan tool boxes for sale are most likely to end up on the drawbar, assuming they don’t interfere with the trailer’s angle of departure, tail lamp or license plate visibility, they can also be mounted onto rear bars. The best Australian tool box manufacturers can even custom-make a caravan drawbar toolbox for you that’ll fit your exact caravan or trailer model, and storage needs perfectly.

drawbar for caravan

The Final Word

At the end of the day, good storage solutions aren’t about trying to make more space. They’re about finding ways to optimize the space that’s already available. For many caravan and camper owners, that under-utilized space is already on the trailer, but generic storage boxes don’t take into account how specific their needs are. 

No one wants a collection of unattractive, irregular-shaped boxes mounted on their caravan, and premium caravan toolboxes allow caravanners to get the most practical use out of their space. They’re the smart, good-looking solution for caravan storage that’ll make a big difference when it’s time to hit the road.