All the Info You Need When Buying Hilux Seat Covers

Although Toyota’s N70 and N80 Hiluxes are deserving heirs to the Hilux’s longstanding reputation for being “unbreakable”, that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from the added protection and peace of mind that a set of high-quality aftermarket seat and console covers can provide to help preserve their original comfort and rugged good looks.

Let’s be honest: spills, stains, and prolonged UV exposure are unavoidable, and more often than not, the damage that’s done once they’ve had a chance to soak, settle, and sear their way into your upholstery and trim is going to be irreversible. That’s why if you’re serious about protecting your Hilux’s interior, together with its long-term value, you can’t afford to ignore what seat covers have to offer.

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Robust, All-Condition Protection for Your Toyota Hilux’s Interior

From glare-reducing dashboard covers, to snug-fitting front and rear seat protection, premium quality console and seat cover Hilux sets are just what you need to keep your factory fabrics and polymers looking good as new. They’re impenetrable barriers that go between your interior and the elements, and they’re produced exclusively using the superior design and workmanship that’s needed to withstand the rigours of Australia.

Automotive-grade neoprene is the base material found in the best Australian-made Hilux seat cover sets. These 2.4-2.5mm thick inner compounds are more than just durable, though. They’re manufactured around an array of robust, all-condition qualities that include:

·   High UV stabilization, with resistance to fading and bleaching;

·   100% resistance to penetration from water and moisture;

·   High mould, mildew, and stain resistance;

·   Impervious to abrasion from sand, dust, and debris; and,

·   Highly resistant to rips, tears, and punctures.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter if you use your Hilux on weekdays to shuttle back and forth between dusty job sites, or on weekends navigating across muddy campsites, you can count on top-quality Toyota Hilux neoprene seat covers to protect your valuable interior. A quick wash down with soap and cold water is all they ever need to stay in perfect form, and they’re ready for anything you have to throw at them.

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Neoprene Seat Covers for Any Hilux Arrangement 

Make no mistake: premium-grade Hilux neoprene seat covers are more than just protective wrappings. They feature a synthetic fabric top layer and a form-fitting backing layer that allows them to maintain OE-level feel and comfort.

And regardless of whether your Hilux is a single, extra, or dual cab, or if it’s outfitted with SR or SR5 trim, you can order a Toyota Hilux seat cover for any interior arrangement, including:

·   Half-back or full-back front bucket seats, with or without map pockets;

·   Standard or bench rear seats, with or without headrests; and,

·   Dashboard, console lid, and armrest covers.

Top-quality Hilux car seat cover manufacturers even allow you to custom order covers for unusual seating, or cup holder/armrest arrangements. It’s added assurance that no matter how your OE N70 or N80 interior is set up or equipped, you can count on custom Hilux seat covers for absolute protection.

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The Right Fit Makes All the Difference With Seat Covers 

Proper fit means everything when it comes to getting the correct aftermarket seat cover for Hilux trucks. A loose, ill-fitting seat cover does more than just look bad, though. It gives unwanted debris a convenient space to become trapped in between the seat and the cover, and the damage it can cause once it’s there can quickly ruin your truck’s soft poly fabric or leather seats.

Fortunately, premium Hilux car seat covers are designed, cut, and tailor-built to allow them to grip your Hilux’s seats with glove-like perfection. In fact, the fit of these Toyota Hilux seat covers is so superior, that they don’t even require ties or straps to hold them in place.

With their impeccably shaped contouring, top-tier Toyota Hilux car seat covers offer:

·   A no slip/no gap fit that protects seats without damaging them;

·   Easy installation and maintenance; and,

·   A stylish, OE appearance that resembles your Hilux’s genuine upholstery.

Even if your interior’s already showing signs of weariness from UV exposure or irremovable staining, a Toyota Hilux car seat cover and console combination will let you conceal the existing damage, and at a fraction of what a complete reupholstering job would cost.

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Always Look for Seat Cover Stitching That’s Certifiably Safe 

Safety is another aspect of what goes into manufacturing a superior seat cover for Toyota Hilux trucks. Modern Hiluxes are equipped with one of the most advanced Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRSs) in the world, and installing anything over an SRS airbag that could impede its deployment, including a seat cover, is dangerous.

Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are crystal clear about the need for aftermarket seat covers to comply with their guidance on airbag compatibility, and premium seat covers for Toyota Hilux trucks are certifiably designed with “split-open” stitching that would allow a side-mounted airbag to deploy if activated. Only minimal vigilance is required to ensure that your seat covers can maintain their compliance, and that includes:   

·   Make sure that your seat covers are always installed on the correct side of the vehicle;

·   Ensuring that your seat’s, and seat cover’s SRS tags are always properly aligned; and,

·   Replacing any seat cover whose stitching has been torn or ripped.

Safety stitching is a critical consideration when you’re shopping for Hilux seat covers for sale. And while custom-coloured stitching is an option that’s ordinarily available with high-quality seat covers, you only want covers from manufacturers whose airbag stitching is properly accredited.

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The Final Word

At the end of the day, protecting your truck’s interior has to be as much of a priority as protecting its exterior. After all, the state of your interior isn’t just a matter of comfort. As much as 30% of the trade-in value of your vehicle is based on the condition of your interior, so you don’t want to neglect it any more than you would the motor or the paint job.   

Premium quality console and seat cover Hilux sets help to save your interior from the wear and tear that can instantly diminish your truck’s value. They’re a small upgrade to make, but they can have a major impact on your truck’s value.