All the Ways You Can Decorate with Mirrors

A mirror can be your secret decorating weapon. In addition to allowing you to check yourself, mirrors can increase the amount of light of the room, create a more open feel, add drama and even function as interesting wall art. It’s unbelievable how the addition of a simple mirror in a room can transform the space, adding a stylish decorative touch in an instant. That being said, it’s worth to think beyond the bathroom when it comes to using mirrors. Here are some ways you can use these reflective objects throughout your home.

Make a Mirror the Focal Point in the Room

Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles, decorative wall mirrors can be a great way to provide a room with a focal point. An over-sized mirror with an ornately carved frame can work just as well as a painting when it comes to making a statement. Position it around key areas of the home that get a lot of traffic, such as above a living room sofa, above a dining room sideboard or in the hallway above a console table. In homes where there happens to be a fireplace, hanging a mirror directly above it can help highlight this area in a way that doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Thanks to its sheen and perfect placement, the mirror will steal everyone’s attention.

bedroom with decorative morror


Create a Gallery Wall with Mirrors

Gallery wall displays are a popular interior decorating trend. But if you want to do a unique twist of this trend, consider using mirrors instead of art. Pick decorative wall mirrors with almost identical frames to bring the whole display together. You can use different shapes to add some visual interest. When you’re arranging a group of mirrors, it’s best to use an odd number. Groupings of objects in an odd number are considered more appealing to the eye. So, go for 3, 5 or 7 mirrors.

Add a Unique Geometric Touch

While round and rectangular mirrors seem to be the most popular options, don’t overlook the impact a mirror with a less common geometric shape can have. Think a mirror in the form of a hexagon or a rhombus. These kinds of geometric mirrors offer great impact and are usually right at home in a space with a contemporary aesthetic. However, the trapezoid is also a shape commonly associated with Art Deco design, so if your space is decorated in this fashion, consider accentuating it with a complementing mirror.

geometric wall mirror philippines designs with paint


Use a Mirror to Enhance a Small Space

Using a mirror is one of the best tricks to make a small room instantly appear larger. Covering a wall in your living room or narrow hallway with a large mirror creates the illusion that there’s in fact no wall. And this in turn can make the space feel bigger than it actually is.

Amplify the Light in the Space

Some rooms in the home are usually robbed of light – think closets, hallways and rooms that lack windows. But a mirror has the ability to amplify the feeling of light in awkward-shaped rooms with limited lighting. A mirror can take advantage of both natural and artificial light and spread it across spots in the room that are in the shadow. To make light bounce across the room, place a mirror opposite from a window or behind a lamp. By strategically placing a mirror to optimize lighting, you can create a warmer and brighter ambiance.

Create Symmetry in the Room

A mirror is ideal for framing the view of a room due to its reflective qualities. By placing a pair of mirrors around a window, fireplace or a doorway, you can create a sense of balance and harmony. The presence of two matching mirrors that create an almost perfect mirror image of the room can give the space a feng shui vibe.

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Mirrored Furniture Is Also a Good Idea

The benefits of reflective surfaces aren’t just delivered by mirrors alone. If your walls are already occupied by other decorative elements like wallpaper, art or clocks, mirrored furniture can be a good alternative of reaping the benefits of mirrors. For instance, you can use a sideboard with a mirrored glass front to create a flattering effect in the room.

Don’t Place a Mirror Anywhere

Mirrors aren’t like other types of wall art that you can use just about anywhere. They need to be placed thoughtfully so that they can be a beautiful statement and enhance the best features of you home. That being said, it’s best to avoid placing mirrors in a room that is cluttered or has a plethora of bold accent features. Also, make sure that you’re placing the mirror in a spot where it won’t reflect and unappealing features of the room.