Make a Statement of Your Business and Brand: Aprons Are More Than a Protective Garment

Whether you run a casual grab-and-go coffee shop or a high-class cafe, it is essential that your staff wears barista aprons. These pieces of clothing not only keep your employees safe from potential hazards and help them work comfortably and more productively, but they also help form that vital first impression. Successful coffee shops are always updating their staff’s aprons to refresh their brand’s image and keep impressing their customers with their creativity. Here are some of the tricks that many successful companies use that might help you out come up with an idea for yours.

barista apron

Blending Textures

Besides making sure that their barista apron is made from durable materials that will keep workers safe from occupational hazards such as hot liquids and sharp equipment, today, many restaurants turn to luxurious fabrics. Some of the fabrics that they are using include denim, leather or suede. A comfortable blend to consider for your staff are contemporary, light cotton shirts with textured aprons to add a classic element to their appearance.

Innovative Colour Choices

Colour does make a difference. Many coffee shops opt for a black apron simply because it can blend in any décor and hides stains well. While these are some great reasons, a bright barista apron can leave an even better impact. Think colours such as green, grey or blue to brighten up your staff’s uniform. You can even use the Starbucks coloured aprons idea to get inspired. For example, at Starbucks, the green aprons are the basic ones, while the black aprons are reserved for the coffee masters. So maybe you too could choose one colour for the staff that’s performing the basic work and another one for the employees with great experience in making delicious coffee.

Interesting Logos

Aprons are a great way to promote your brand as your employees are literally the face of your cafe. Having your logo on the barista apron is a simple yet highly effective way to ensure you have a successful walking commercial for your brand.

Performance Features

In terms of functionality, barista aprons need to be comfortable and easy to take care of. To meet these requirements, an apron needs to be made from a fabric that breathes, wicks moisture, it is easy to wash and doesn’t wrinkle. With people being constantly on the go nowadays, pieces of clothing that don’t require any special treatment to look good are more than welcome.