Automation Control Systems are the Pillars of Modern Age Society

All hail Thomas Newcomen who invented the steam engine in 1713 and initiated the era we call Industrial Revolution. This introduction of machine-based production helped propel society light years ahead of how it was back then. But this was only a stepping stone between manual labour and the amazing future that lied ahead. Today we are pushing faster and further ahead with automation control systems paving the way.

Automation control systems are the combination of computers and mechanical parts used in tasks such as operating machines, production processes, boilers, telephone networks, steering ships and other vehicles. These systems allow you to instantly and simultaneously undertake various tasks only with the push of a button and often there is no need for any human participation besides observing.

Automation Control Systems

But not only does automation save labour, it also eliminates the possibility of human error. There is just a limited amount of information that our brains can take and normally a person can forget to perform a seemingly simple task, but automated machines have the capacity to remember each step correctly without missing anything. That’s why all the successful factories and businesses make sure to invest in quality automation control systems so that their operations run as smoothly and accurately as possible.

Furthermore, they reduce the time necessary for a production process to be completed, which significantly increases the amount of mass production. Plus, the fact that they are accurate and precise saves material and energy which can significantly reduce the cost of production. Automated systems rarely wear down and the ones that don’t need human supervision can be active 24/7. That is a big advantage in this fast-paced age.

Another advantage of these systems is that they can be used in tasks dangerous for humans to be involved in. These processes include spray painting vehicles, oil refining, fertilizer production, dealing with toxic chemicals and everything else that can pose as a risk to the health. Automated systems are even used in operating bomb disposal robots. There is just no task that they can’t perform.

You may not think about it too much, but automated machines are all around us. You interact with one regularly, whether it’s an ATM, the thermostat controlling your boiler, the switchboard operating your telephone call, the escalator in your local mall – they are simply an integral part of our daily lives. And we’ve grown so used to all these convenient appliances that we cannot imagine our lives without them anymore.

But that’s not where automated control systems stop. Everyday we hear about some new amazing invention that couldn’t be possible without them. Just think about what else the future might hold thanks to this technological wonder of automation.