Baby Clothes Checklist: Essentials to Keep Your Newborn Safe and Warm

Aren’t babies the cutest thing in the world? There’s no way anyone would be able to resist something so adorable. What’s equally as precious? Soft and tiny baby clothes. And you’re one of those people who get the chance to look at them more frequently these days since you’re out shopping for the best clothes for your little one. It literally feels like it’s the only thing you’re doing lately. Not that you’re complaining. Seeing your precious baby looking extra happy all snuggled up in cosy clothing makes it all worth it in the end. So you’ll gladly continue your shopping journey. Babies really do grow up so fast. Next thing you know, you’ll be shopping for vintage kids clothes. But all in due time.

With that said, your checklist is probably fairly long as it is already. How do you choose what babywear to get for your child? With so many things to shop for, it’s only a matter of time before something slips your mind. But don’t worry, all that’s completely normal and expected. Sometimes though, we all need a helping hand which is why we’re stepping in with a list of all the essential babywear items so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

Stock Up on All the Clothing

picture of essentials for baby wear
source: Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

An important thing to remember here is that you’ll be dealing with burping, pooping and all sorts of other accidents for at least 6 months after your baby is born. For this reason, you’ll need all the extra clothing you can get. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should buy everything you get your hands on – it’s important to distinguish between things you’ll actually need and things that are just a waste of money. Here’s a list of babywear that you’ll more than likely use at some point.


These are the signature clothes that babies wear. Bodysuits are the go-to items for many new moms since they’re easy to navigate and put on. This is especially convenient considering the fact that you’ll be dealing with frequent diaper and outfit changes. They have expandable shoulders which can easily fit through all head shapes and sizes. Once they’re on, all you have to do is secure the clips at the top and bottom into place and you’re all set.


picture of baby lying in a bed sheet in onesie and socks
source: Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Adults absolutely love wearing onesies, so it’s no surprise that babies feel super comfortable in them as well. They’re quite similar to bodysuits, except for the fact that onesies have long sleeves and leggings to keep your little angel safe in chilly weather.

Some models are zip suits which means you’ll be using a concealed zipper to put them on. This is much more practical and faster than button snaps. But if you’re not too keen on your baby wearing zipped clothes just yet, you can go with onesies that have clips that attach the fabric into place.


When it comes to the clothing that your baby sleeps in, you’ll be looking at two different materials –fleece for the cold winter nights and cotton for the hot summer days. It’s also a good idea to get footed pajamas to keep your baby’s feet warm at all times. Some models even have built-in mittens to prevent your child from scratching their face or poking an eye with their nails.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

picture of a baby lying in a bed wearing sleeping bag and holding a teddy bear

In the 3-6 month period, your baby will start to move around much more. In other words, your kid will be tossing and turning in bed and pushing the blanket to the side. This is why you should get a sleep sack. It’s like a blanket that attaches to your baby’s body with a zipper. In other words, it’ll stay firmly attached to your child’s body, no matter how much activity the little rascal gets into.

Tops and Bottoms

If you don’t want your baby to be in onesies and bodysuits the whole time, then you’ll probably need a few extra pairs of shirts and pants. Our advice is to stock up on T-shirts and shorts for the summer and sweaters and leggings for the winter. In that way, you’ll be more than prepared to take on any season with the right baby clothing.

Don’t Forget the Footwear

picture of a baby footwear and accessories

If we’re being honest, it’ll probably be a while before your child actually starts to walk but going everywhere barefoot is not a good look either. Make sure that whichever pair you buy has a memory foam sole for additional comfort. Moreover, you should look for shoes that have velcro straps as opposed to laces since they’re easier to put on.

Additional Accessories

Rounding off our list, we’ll be mentioning some useful accessories that will probably come in handy on more than one occasion.


picture of a baby in bed wearing hat and hugging a teddy bear
source: Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

When you go for checkups at the hospital or any other outings during the first three months, you should cover your baby’s head to protect it. Cap will shield your child from the harmful rays of the sun whereas beanies will keep them warm in the cold. When babies are first born, they don’t possess the same thermo-regulating abilities that all fully formed adults do, so you’ll have to make sure the body temperature is within the desired levels.


picture of woman holding a baby in he hands in a swaddle

A warm and cosy swaddle is supposed to mimic your baby’s position in the womb, which will, in turn, help the transition into the real world. Once it’s all cuddled up, your little one will feel safe and comfortable so it won’t fuss around or cry that often.