With Battle Ropes to Killer Cardio and Sculpted Muscles

battle-ropes-gym-bunch_largeBattle rope training is no doubt the new fitness sensation, however, relying on ropes to get things done is nothing new – these unique tools have been used for lifting and dragging objects since ancient times. Fast forward to today and back to the topic of exercise, their use has now been conveniently extended for fitness purposes, for improving one’s endurance, stability, and mobility to be more precise. Apart from all that, it looks cool, fun and it’s a nice digression from the usual types of workout, a more Viking-like, if you will (chuckles).

When it comes to the types of ropes used for this exercise, there are two options: those designed for indoor and those designed for outdoor use. This is because some battle ropes shed and some don’t. Outdoor types of ropes are usually made of manila and when using them, tiny little “hairs” fall off and you surely don’t want to deal with this mess inside, which is why manila battle ropes are better for outdoor use.

Even without that mess being much of a reason, a lot of people prefer outdoor training, hence all the boot camps, outdoor cross and body weight training, yoga in nature, etc. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the addition of fresh air makes it all that much better for one’s health. However, there are other types of crossfit battle ropes for sale you can find both online and offline and are made out of synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene and Dacron, and they do not shed. This renders them ideal for indoor use, but they can also be used outdoor as well.

Another important thing to consider when considering the different types of crossfit battle ropes for sale is the size of the rope which depends on the type of workout you prefer. For example, if you are into HIIT training and cardio blasting workouts, you will need around a 4cm thick battle rope, as it can provide you with a solid grip which is needed for circuit training workouts. In case you are more into building muscles, then it is better to choose a 5cm thick crossfit battle rope since it requires a stronger grip in order to control it. Regarding length, fitness trainers recommend a 1.20 meters long rope, as studies show that this length can help you get the best out of your workout, however, do not forget about the available space where you usually do your workouts.