Battling Ropes: The Tool to Reach Your Fitness Goals

The pursuit of fitness, though seemingly relatively new, actually has been part of human lifestyle for centuries. Now, thanks to having a better understanding of the body, and the importance of incorporating a well-balanced diet mixed with regular exercise, we have witnessed a boom in wellness trends over the years.

What we all want is the magic pill that can keep us fit without going through the tiring physical effort, but there’s no way about it; if you want to be in shape, you have to sweat. However, finding the efficient exercise is one thing, and falling in the monotony of the routine is another. Introducing an old tool, like ropes, into the routine is sure to keep you away from workout boredom.

Better known as battling ropes, this is a fitness trend that’s been getting the attention for the last couple of years with reason. It provides fun and exercise for the whole body, being the performance booster it is, and when I say whole I am stressing it because people, in general, tend to think it’s just meant to strengthen the arms. We have John Brookfield, the US strongman, to thank for this fitness challenge.Battling Ropes

What makes it the perfect workout is you can do it even in the comfort of your home since ropes are affordable and in case you don’t have a workout buddy, all you need is an anchor to loop the rope around and start exercising. Furthermore, battling ropes are suitable for anyone, knowing there’s a rope in any thickness and length, and the intensity of the exercise can vary depending on the pace you want to have.

In any case, slow or intense, it’s a calorie burner and it affects more than your arm muscles, starting from strengthening the core, to being an excellent workout for the glutes, the back, and abs. When you get into the trend more, you would see there are more ways to train with the ropes, not just the classic up and down waves.

You can try the alternating waves, working each arm independently, the side to side waves, and work up the legs with the help of squatting waves. Jumps and lunges are additional alternatives to include the leg muscles, so hop waves are a must-try, and when you’re done with waves, having the needed shoulder strength, you can move on to slams and whips.

Grab a rope and reach your fitness goals!