Be Prepared for Every Gig with the Right Audio Equipment

Ever since the beginning of humankind, when there was no source of entertainment as we know of today, people spent time being surrounded by their families when not looking for food which was usually time for stories and, of course, music. Not only is music an immense memory booster, something already familiar to scientists and doctors helping lessen Alzheimer symptoms with patients, but it is also very beneficial for the overall health by helping reduce the levels of anxiety and pain as well as lowering the blood pressure. People who have chosen music as their vocation feel these benefits on a daily basis, plus being a musician can feel rewarding knowing your music touches people’s lives.

audio equipment salesThough it might seem like an easy process, it takes a lot of preparation for musicians to become successful, starting from composing the songs and pairing rhythm with lyrics, signing contracts, publishing albums and throwing gigs is important to make your way in the world of music. Along with having the right songs, another more essential part of the process is having the right equipment. It has the influence of making or breaking your gig, since who would pay attention to how great a song is if there are problems with the sound reinforcement system. You can make your mind on deciding which audio equipment pieces you will specifically need depending on your gig and where it takes place, so you will know what to look for from the vast audio equipment sales.

With such an advancement of technology, there is gear for every kind of occasion and gig, including new kinds of gig that bring music even closer to people. No matter the location, you have to set a checklist of bits and pieces of audio gear, so you will know what to buy at audio equipment sales and always be prepared for music.

First and foremost, considering your band has a singer, a microphone is mandatory and when playing live the dynamic microphone is the perfect choice. Whether you move around stage or not, you will decide on either the wired or wireless option. The microphone has to be connected to a PA (Public Address) system for sound, and if the venue or theatre where the performance takes place do not have a PA system, you will have to provide it along with an XLR cable and a microphone stand. Also during live gigs, a mixer is one of the basics.

Though guitar amps (valve or solid-state) are important for guitarists, the pedals are just as essential and the decision to be made by the guitarist is whether they will want a multi-effects unit or a pedal board. Multi-effects units offer all effects you might need. Regarding bassists, it depends on the place where the gig happens, sometimes DI (direct input) box is required to be connected to the PA system with no need for an amp, other times, with no DI, amps are necessary. Drummers have to equip themselves with a drum throne, bass pedal, Hi-Hat stand, cymbal stands and snare stands. To be on the safe side, because you never know what might happen, it is good to have extra cables as backup and you are good to go.