Beautify Your Patio with Sun Lounges and Welcome the Enjoyment

Just the thought of it – hot summer days, party nights, water fights, sun kissed hair and tanned skin – there is simply nothing not to love about summertime. Maybe you do not always have the time to go to the beach, but you can always bring the fun at home and place a swimming pool in the backyard. But even if you don’t have a swimming pool, there is no reason not to lay down on a sun lounge and soak up the much needed vitamin D. Generally, it is the sun lounges Australia residents choose to spend most of their summer days in, and for a good reason – these pieces of furniture blend in perfectly in any outdoor space providing it with style and comfort. Here is what to consider if you have set your heart on getting yourself one.

sun lounges

Manufacturers who produce sun lounges Australia wide use different materials to design the frame of these pieces of furniture.

  • Wicker lounges feature a woven base which makes them more substantial compared to other materials. During the early days, wicker was an organic material while today it is generally a man-made synthetic that copies the natural one. The best feature of wicker lounges is their ability to withstand different elements without fading or rotting. Today it is easy to find wicker furniture in a colour that can match any décor.
  • Teak is a popular choice of material for outdoor furniture because it is weatherproof and resilient to moulding and rotting. A teak lounge usually features slatted back design with armrests and can come with or without cushions. If teak is your choice you can either choose a lounge made of sealed teak that has the original colour of natural teak, pre-weathered teak that looks faded already, or you can simply choose a natural teak lounge that will naturally fade over time.
  • Steel and aluminium lounges are one of the most commonly purchased pieces of furniture. They may come with a design that mimics wicker in the base or may come with the minimal frame design of teak. Generally, these lounges are heavy so they are not the best choice if you need to move them frequently. Aluminium features some of the characteristics of steel, including weather resistance and durability but it is a bit lighter option than steel.

Sun lounges are adjustable pieces of furniture allowing you to lower and raise the backrest according to your needs. Before making your final decision, make sure you consider the usage of the lounge. If you are planning to soak up the sun rays on it, look for a piece with a minimalistic design. If you are looking for a piece that will complement your patio you may look for some more formal models and choose one in accordance to your patio design scheme.