Benefits of Self Adhesive Product Labels

How you label your products can have a huge impact on their success. While having an attractive design is key, the actual label and how your labeling process goes can affect your day-to-day business operations and your annual profits. Self adhesive product labels are seeing a surge in popularity, especially in the beverage and food industries. They provide a wide range of benefits for both businesses and individuals who are after the ideal packaging solutions. Otherwise known as pressure-sensitive labels, self adhesive labels are used as a form of packaging themselves. They can be used on virtually any type of product material and can be custom-made to fit all shapes and sizes – from plants and nursery products to cosmetic product, they’re one of the most effective marketing tools renown for their versatility and quality.

self adhesive product label

As briefly aforementioned, self adhesive product labels offer a number of great benefits for businesses’ packaging operations. These benefits include time and cost-effectiveness, longevity, versatility, ease of application and boosting shelf appeal. When compared to cold glue labeling, self-adhesive product labels don’t require any technical expertise. They’re easy to manufacture and have a faster production and application speed. They can be applied using machinery that uses reel-fed applicators and simple setup. Label application machines can label your products in a single pass. But if you don’t have such machines that’s fine too, you can manually apply the labels as well. This is especially beneficial for start-ups and small businesses as it removes the need to invest in expensive label application machinery.

Additionally, the overall costs of packaging with self adhesive labels is much lower than cold glue labeling. Due to the fact that you have the option to easily apply the labels manually, you cut the application machine costs out. Furthermore, self adhesive labels are easier to manufacture and apply, which reduces the amount of energy used in their production and application. And lastly, they produce less waste from mislabelled products.

Self adhesive labels are durable, which is why most wine and beverage companies are using them. They’re designed to resist deterioration from substances such as water and oil, and they won’t peel off from any type of surface material. They form a strong, long-lasting bond with the surface, and you can be confident that they won’t wear and tear, and will stay down even if they’re exposed to the elements and frequent handling. And lastly, they boost your product’s appeal and are a great marketing tool for branding. With them, you can create eye-catching, quality designs, and the flexibility of digital printing means that you can create a vibrant, unique packaging that’s going to attract your target audience.