The Benefits of Zip Lock Bags When Storing Small Items

Plastic Zip Lock Bags When it comes to adding convenience in storing, packaging and shipping small items – boxes, wrapping paper and bubble wraps are all high on the list. But all of these items pale into insignificance when compared to one of the most humble inventions that cost so little – the plastic zip lock bag, or, in Australia also known as “sandwich bags”, “resealable bags”, or “resealable sandwich zip bags”.

These ubiquitous items offer extreme versatility and are available in many sizes, which makes them ideal for storing a wide variety of items in the office, at home, or in your luggage. From making the most out of your space, to tidily organizing your drawers and keeping liquids from leaking all over your items in your suitcase, there seems to be no end to the creative and useful ways of utilizing these see-through creations of ingenuity.

Even though their usefulness and versatility is what makes them so great, what’s even more astonishing about plastic zip lock bags is their simplicity and user-friendliness. The sealable top can be opened and closed with ease and they offer optimum protection against dust, dirt, moisture and other unwanted substances.

Many different companies use plastic zip lock bags in a wide variety of ways, whether that’s for industrial, residential or commercial use. In commercial settings, they’re most commonly used by businesses that ship or organize small products. These bags can preserve documents, maintain product freshness, and even protect sensitive materials like microchips. Simply put, you can store virtually anything in them for protection and packaging.

Most zip lock bags are made of either low-density polyethylene or LDPE plastic film. Other materials can be also used in some cases, as long as they meet FDA regulations for food packaging. Most of the time, the bags are either translucent or transparent. This allows you to label them with a marker, which can be incredibly useful if you’re packaging medication like pills, or other similar-looking products that need to be distinguished.

Furthermore, the bags are always measured by the usable dimensions, without the zipper included. You can find zip lock bags of all sizes – from small 50x75mm, to large 305x460mm. There are also zip lock bags that are labeled as heavy-duty and they are used for storing heavy and sharp items in industrial settings, which means there’s no shortage of options to pick from.

Simply put, these inexpensive items add a ton of convenience in a wide array of settings. It’s hard to find a substitute that’s more popular and more convenient for storing, shipping and packaging small items than the zip lock bag.