Beyond Flavour: Why Drink Filtered Water?

In this day and age, no matter if you’re an athlete, an office worker, a parent, a student, or any type of person, keeping your body healthy by minding things like exercise, dietary intake and hydration is super important. And with water being one of the things vital for our survival, it’s necessary to know if you’re consuming water that’s safe and healthy for you.

Water is our body’s main fuel. It’s required for the proper operation of every cell, muscle, and bone in our body. An issue that you might not expect is that not all drinking water is created equal. Toxins, chemicals, as well as other impurities, have to be removed from the water you consume in order to maintain and improve your health.


As of late, with more information being easily available and people seeking better health, water filters have received much interest in Australia. A survey in 2019 found out that 23.1% of adults in Australia have switched to drinking filtered tap water.

With water pitchers or jugs being the easiest, cheapest and sustainable way to get filtered water, it has become a necessity to many Australian homes. Here are some of the many benefits this simple item can bring to your everyday life and why it has taken the water filter jug Australia market by storm.

Get Rid of Added Chemicals

Before it can be supplied as public drinkable water, it must be declared safe. The majority of water sources apply chlorine and fluoride to keep harmful organisms out of the water. Even though they’re very effective in purifying water, they too can cause some harm to the human body in the long run, by increasing the risk of developing cancer. While today many suppliers have significantly reduced the use of these chemicals to a percentage that is harmless to humans, they’re still chemicals and when there’s available prevention, why not use it? By purifying your water, you can eliminate the excess of these chemicals.


No Harmful Metals

Toxic metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, dioxin, and many others have been proven to be found in many tap water sources. Even in very small quantities, these materials can cause damage to our bodies. Luckily, these can also be easily eliminated by running your water through a tap water filter jug.

Treat “Hard” Water

Have you ever had water that had a weird “hardness” to it? That’s limescale. Those chalky pieces at the bottom of your hot water kettle are also limescale. While it’s not harmful to our bodies, it makes the water taste not as good and can cause problems with appliances that regularly work with water. Water filters can effectively get rid of limescale.

Lose the Weird Taste and Smell

AS mentioned, because of the presence of different sanitation chemicals that are added to tap water to keep it clean, as well as limescale, tap water can often have a yucky taste and often even a smell. Since water filters remove those impurities, the taste and smell of tap water will be improved. Try comparing two glasses of water, one filtered and one that’s not and you’ll see the difference.


Improve Food and Beverage Flavours

With the lack of hard chemicals and strange odours and tastes, your morning coffee or tea will taste so much better. The neutrality of the filtered water helps bring out the natural intensity of the coffee beans of tea leaves. Same with food, by cooking with filtered water, you get authentic flavours from your ingredients without any disruptions from foreign chemicals. Since it eliminates limescale, using filtered water helps keep your pots, pans, water kettles and other kitchen appliances in good shape.

Hydration and Energy

Since many people struggle with proper water consumption and the main reason for it being the taste of water, switching to filtered water might get rid of that problem. Drinking enough water and keeping your body hydrated throughout the day is a vital task many individuals fail to accomplish. That often leads to a lack of energy and most human beings turn to caffeinated drinks for a solution. It’s been proven that caffeine aids in dehydration so you end up feeling more tired with an uncomfortable buzz in your whole body. With proper hydration, all that can be avoided.

No Headaches

Mood swings, nausea, and headaches are just a few of the side effects associated with dehydration. By consuming pure, distilled water, on the other hand, you can reduce dehydration effects and can prevent or ease headaches. Since filtered water has a pleasant taste, staying hydrated is way easier.


Skin Care

It’s widely known that drinking enough water leads to improved skin health. By consuming water that has been cleared from harsh chemicals, you help your body to absorb it easier and put it to good use. Also, since limescale can cause dry skin, that problem is eliminated with filtered water.

Faster Metabolism and Weight Loss

Filtered water aids in the speeding up of your metabolism, which is necessary for our organs to operate effectively. Having water filters in the house has been shown to increase the quantity of water consumed by many households. Drinking filtered water is a terrific method to boost our wellness because proper hydration, along with physical activity, is among the key components in optimizing your metabolism. With the metabolism sped up, it can be helpful with weight loss. Having a strong and stable metabolism is crucial not only to our organs’ correct functioning but also to our digestion system and weight control.

Saving Money and the Environment

While also saving money on buying bottled water all the time, you’re also reducing your waste. Did you know that 3-7 litres of water and 1 litre of oil is used to produce one litre of bottled water? In Australia only, there are 118,000 tonnes of plastic bottles wasted a year that as you probably know, is not bio-degradable. This means with you eliminating or at least reducing how many plastic bottles you buy; you help cut down plastic waste and earth pollution.


To Sum Up

Encouraging more people to use a water filter jug Australia round and purifying their drinking water at home, as we talked about above, isn’t merely for the sake of flavour. Choosing a good water purifier can boost your general health in aspects you had never really imagined until now.