Beyond Keeping Your Fingers Warm – Amp Up Your Style with Leather Gloves

Cozy nights beside the fireplace with hot and delicious drinks are the first thing that come to mind when you start to feel the cold breeze in the air. Yes, winter is just around the corner and you certainly shouldn’t welcome it unprepared. It is time to organize your closet and of course, do some shopping.

We women take great delight in the whole process of shopping – it is a therapy on its own. But to be honest, finding the perfect fashion pieces and combing them together in a way to make heads turn after you, takes some fashion sense and knowledge. Well, winter is the perfect season to awaken the fashion goddess in you and reinvent your style. With the wide range of winter clothing and accessories that online and offiline retailers offer, when it comes to style combinations – the sky is the limit. From cozy yet chic sweaters and hats, to stylish coats and boots, winter is one of the best seasons to express your style.

leathger gloves

Ladies, I’m sure many of you have faced situations of the kind when you have a full outfit planned, but you still feel that something is missing. Well, have you considered adding leather gloves to your outfit? They are the perfect winter accessory to complement almost all of your outfits. They give a classic and sophisticated touch to any look and come in wide range of designs and colours. Leather gloves women will not only amp up your style, but will also keep you warm during chilly winter days, helping you leave an unforgettable and unique fashion statement. Here are few tips to help you score the best deal and find the perfect model of leather gloves women.

Different types of leather

Their design and quality is determined by the type of leather from which the gloves are made. Here are the most trendy models of leather gloves that combine both style and comfort.

Sheepskin leather gloves

These are perfect for the cold winter weather as the sheep wool provides a natural and unique lining. Sheepskin gloves are more expensive than other models but their great durability makes them a smart fashion investment.

Deerskin leather gloves

These are extremely hard wearing and incorporate a classic yet stylish deign. Deerskin is a flexible material that is quite durable and gives the gloves a unique rugged look.

Cowhide leather gloves

These pieces of accessory are made from a thick and strong material and are great for protecting your hands from the cold weather. Cowhide gloves come with a casual design and are cheaper than sheepskin and deerskin gloves.

Goatskin leather gloves

When compared to cowhide, leather goatskin is softer and more delicate. The gloves manufactured form this type of leather are very comfortable to wear and come in a range of deigns and styles.

The style makes all the difference

What actually determines the style, is the length of the gloves. So, get creative and make a bunch of new winter looks by adding different sized leather gloves to your outfits. To achieve a royal princess look, go for elbow length gloves that will certainly leave a bold fashion statement. Shorter models on the other hand, go well with most outfits and give a classic touch to any winter combination.