Bits of Info for First Time Motorised Home Owners

There comes a time in life when we could all use a bit of time off, away from the exhausting everyday schedule, and get some well deserved rest. While for some this represents time spent in hotels’ lounging areas, swimming pools and massage tables, for others nothing could be more rejuvenating than nature. I’m one of those nature lovers who can’t seem to get enough of it which is why I ended up getting my own home on wheels. I have to tell you, it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, especially because I also had my family’s opinions to take into consideration, so if you’re planning on doing this kind of purchase as well, I have some bits of information to share with you.

Motorised Home Owners

As you already know, when buying your motorised home, you can expect to buy it with certain pieces of furniture but that doesn’t mean you’re going to like all of them, and by all means don’t expect to get a fully equipped one for the price of an empty one (been there, done that). Starting from the kitchen (since most campervan sinks are designed to save space and come with a cooker), I wasn’t that happy with what I usually saw in the home on wheels for sale, so after I got mine, I immediately set on the quest to get a campervan sink. Once I found it, I combined it with a dish drainer and then, after doing calculations on how much we eat and how much of storage space we do need for all the food and utensils, I moved on to complete the kitchen with a compact fridge and storage units.

Though we all imagine utmost comfort as much as we have in our actual homes, a campervan can provide it in a limited space so you have to learn how to be space savvy. Sure, there are plenty of furniture pieces and appliances you’d love to include, but it’s important to be considerate of the room and the people you’d get to share it with – the last thing you need is a crammed campervan where you can barely make your way through and have to do more cleaning than having a blast. This goes for what you make part of the sitting area, bedroom and bathroom. If you simply must have a not-so-compact shower cabin, then get a foldable sink instead.

If you want to amp up on the space saving game and see what all the minimalism frenzy is about, you can find a great deal of furniture that’s foldable, such as tables and beds. The fun thing about this kind of furniture is you also get to have a bit of exercise as you fold and unfold them every time. Looking at things from this perspective has made me rethink my home interior and the choices I’d made before, realising why it doesn’t hurt to implement some minimalist ideas in other life aspects as well – that’s my advice to you, future campers.