The Brief Info You Need on Different Types of Dog Collars

Ever since the history of humankind, the relationship of people and dogs is unbreakable. The role of dogs has evolved from the basic one of serving for guarding and helping with hunting, to a much more intimate. When you get a dog, you don’t only get a pet, but you get a friend for life. The benefits of keeping these furry friends are endless, from helping their owners fight off the blues, elevating the hormones of happiness and the sense of contentment, reducing anxiety and stress, to lowering blood pressure and the chances for developing heart diseases. You can also stay fit by turning bonding time into a time for exercising together, walking and running in the park.

Dogs, as much as people alike, each have their own personalities and you get to learn that through the years. This is why buying certain dog-related products isn’t as easy as it seems at first and that’s why there are different kinds of specialised food, bathing and grooming products. When you decide to include the dog walks in your daily schedule, you will have to get your dog a collar. Luckily, there are many brands and varieties of dog collars Australia shops have to offer, so you will be able to find the one that is both functional and stylish (if style is also part of the deal for you). For an easier and proper purchase, it is good to get informed about the different kinds of collars.

Dog With Collar

Depending on the material they are made of, collars can be leather, nylon, metal and cotton. Leather collars happen to be very durable and resistant to pulling, which makes them the perfect choice for all dog breeds, including bigger ones. Along with being strong, these collars also carry aesthetic beauty with them. Nylon happens to be another durable material, so the material can be found as the base in retractable leash designs as well. As you might guess, metal ones, specifically made of brass and steel that is nickel-plated, are among the strongest collars there are and they are a reasonable investment if your dog is big, however it might not be the most comfortable solution if your walks consist of constant pulling. The cotton type is most widespread and recommended for smaller dogs, that aren’t that strong to pull, and they are inexpensive, but if you are out for quality they aren’t the suitable option because they wear out fast. Whichever material is that you’re after, you are sure to find the preferable dog collars Australia wide.

Regarding the different types of collars, the standard one is the one you would expect to find in most pet shops. It has a ring shape and adjustable and it’s convenient for all kinds of dogs that are usually on their best behaviour, with no issues with disobedience. Halter collars are made to fit around the neck and they’re not same as the muzzle. The difference lies in the purpose: the halter is designed to control dogs that love to pull. Shock and pronged collars are made for the difficult cases of disobedience that leave no alternative except for stricter measures but if you’re not a dog trainer, it’s not recommended to rely on their use. Harnesses, unlike the other types, put the pressure off the neck and onto the shoulders and chest which are stronger.