Bring the Energy and Cheer and Lift a Neutral Color Palette with Blue Colour Wallpaper

As a huge lover of the ocean and the endless blue skies, it’s no surprise I was so determined to include a lot of blue nuances in my interior design. I wasn’t really able to change my furniture at this point, but I was able to add a sparkle to the colour on my walls and create the ambiance I so wanted. Painting the walls seemed like a very demanding task at the moment, so I looked for an option that was simpler to perform, less expensive and of course, delivered instant results because waiting in a messy home is not exactly my strong side.

Blue Colour Wallpaper

So naturally, I went for the obvious solution: a blue colour wallpaper. There’s no better option than a wallpaper in those cases when you need convenience and speed at the same time. Installing wallpapers doesn’t require as much work as painting does, maybe just the unavoidable rearrangement of furniture and furniture elements so that the pieces are perfectly glued to the walls. I know blue is not the preferred colour of many because it reminds of a few months old baby boy’s blanket and simply doesn’t suggest any maturity. However, not all nuances of blue are the same. There are some really good shades and wallpaper designs you can choose to give your home a certain deep blue charm.

The ocean-blue

Ah, the ocean. If my husband was as open-minded as I am, I would’ve covered the entire apartment in ocean-like elements because in my opinion, nothing is better than the ocean and the beach – a pure perfect sight. I wanted to put a ocean-like blue colour wallpaper on the ceiling in my dining room which faces the large glass wall. That way the sun can add the missing piece for the perfect view: the sunlight.

The vintage blue with flowers or figures

The vintage blue shade is a combination of pastel blue and a darker blue colour resulting in something that has a very warm tone and isn’t a clear nuance. It has a certain grayish line that contributes to the old look vintage elements have. Choosing a design with flowers and figures adds an additional touch and is perfect for spaces that aren’t that crowded, like a bedroom for example.

Finally, baby blue

Also known as pastel blue colour, this is the perfect nuance for nurseries, bedrooms and even bathrooms. It’s a softer nuance, kind of gentle and warm and implies positivity. Careful though, the colour is specific and can’t be combined with just about any other nuance. It goes well with other pastels, white nuances and grey tones. Some stronger shades can also go well with this one, but if you’re not familiar with colour manipulation in interior design terms, I suggest you don’t go for it.