How to Bring the Serene Scandinavian Style into Your Home

Though us Aussies are blessed to be living on a continent that most people dream of visiting, I’m sure there are days when you feel as though your surroundings are a bit too much. The kilometres long traffic jam on your way to work, the blinding sun being reflected from the side walk, and just the general noise and movement can leave us longing for a quiet getaway. Like for instance to the cool, soothing sceneries of Scandinavia. Though responsibilities might not allow us to catch a plane anytime we need to cool off, with the help of interior design you can bring in some of the famous Scandinavian zen-like serenity to your home. Here’s how to do it.

Scandinavian furniture online Australia

Furniture Designs with Exceptional Quality

When it comes to quality Scandinavian furniture online Australia stores offer a great selection from renowned Scandinavian designers, which means you won’t have to make do with any flimsy designs from Ikea. Purchasing original Scandinavian furniture means investing in craftsmanship and durability, as these pieces are made of quality hardwoods such as oak, walnut, and birch – all with great attention to details. The raw textures and natural appeal of these furniture pieces provides the space with a nice and cosy touch.

A Serene Palette of Neutrals

In line with its simplistic philosophy, Scandinavian style has a distinct colour palette that’s comprised of a crisp white backdrop accented by neutrals such as cream, black, grey and hints of pastels here and there. The white walls present a canvas resembling the snowy scenes of Scandinavia, whereas the shades of neutrals help balance out the white and give depth to the space. But of course, you are always free to use a few décor pieces in bolder colours as long as it’s only minimally, like for instance through artwork. This way you can provide a colourful touch that won’t disrupt the general simplicity of the space.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Scandinavian design draws inspiration in large part from the beauty of Nature. This can be seen through the raw designs in Scandinavian furniture online Australia retailers sell, as well as through the scenes Scandinavian wall prints and paintings most commonly depict. You can accent the natural, organic appeal of the space by bringing in some greenery, like for instance luscious succulents, rubber plants, cacti, or other plants – provided that your finger is green enough to take care of them. In fact, adorning your interior with some houseplants  is proven to have a number of benefits for both your body and mind.

Remember – Less is More

Scandinavian style is so popular due to the fact that it motivates us to minimize the clutter in our homes. The large hardwood floors, the sleek table surfaces, and the minimalist, upholstered sofas just beg you to keep them clean and free from clutter. If you do decide to decorate your home the Scandinavian way, strive to keep chaos at bay by brining out only the things you really need and use on a daily basis. The rest of your belongings deserve to be neatly tucked away in the hidden storage compartments that are commonly incorporated in sofas, coffee tables, and other Scandinavian furniture pieces.