Casual Women’s Sandals: When Comfort Meets Style

Different types of shoes serve different purposes. If you like the great outdoors and hiking, then you need a quality pair of hiking boots. But once you’re back to your everyday life, you need something more stylish for work or a night out, lace-up flats or ankle boots. But as the weather warms up, it’s time to find your casual summer sandals and keep your feet cool and comfy throughout the hot months.

If your workplace allows casual outfit, you can wear your sandals at work and enjoy the comfort they provide. Some casual sandals are very stylish and can perfectly fit your work outfit. But even if work in a more traditional office environment, having a pair of casual sandals is essential to your summer wardrobe and will give your feet more freedom and ventilation. Sandals are a timeless type of footwear and there is a wide range of casual womens sandals to choose from. Therefore, it may be a daunting task to select a pair that will look good and can keep up with your daily summer activities.

How to Choose Women’s Casual Sandals

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Buying new sandals usually is a lot of fun as there are many different styles and colours to look at. But there are a few important factors to consider to find the perfect pair. When buying casual womens sandals, look for plenty of technical support and lightweight pair, ideal for less intense walking and everyday wear. The following are some of the most important features to look for when purchasing your sandals.

Soles and Grip

Since they’re most popular in the summertime, it’s a good idea to look for sandals that are water-resistant and come with a good amount of grip in case you need to wear them in the water. Good quality sandals feature thick soles to protect your feet and a slight heel that helps keep your spine straight. In case you’re planning to walk long hours or walk on uneven terrain, look for sandals with a well-moulded sole that will give your ankles and feet the needed support.

Some of the most popular types of women’s casual sandals these days are various types of leather sandals and thong sandals as they’re comfortable and can help you through completing your regular activities every day, but also when travelling. They provide solid support and prevent blisters, so you can enjoy every bit of the summer more. Depending on the shape of your feet, you can look for the slightest bump or seam that might rub your feet to ensure ultimate comfort.

As your feet may sweat some extra in the summertime, you can look for a non-slip insole that will grip the ground evenly even if it’s wet. That way, your feet will not slide around the insole when sweaty and you could fully enjoy your summer activities all day long.


If you’re experiencing problems with your feet, look for sandals that can be customised, so you’ll have the opportunity to maintain a certain control over your feet. Most casual sandals for women have various adjustment features, such as straps over the toes, slingback behind the heel, toe guard and more. Padded straps are important as well, the more straps the better support, additional smoothness and comfort.


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Women’s casual sandals are available in many different colours. While black might be the most common choice as it goes well with almost every other colour, embracing a splash of colour and freshen up your appearance is always a good idea when it comes to summer days. For a more relaxed look, you can opt for white, beige, tan, blush, or add a pop of colour with orange, green, blue, or maybe pink. Grey is a nice choice as well and navy is becoming more popular lately.

Perfect Fit

Manufacturers use different standards when they measure their shoe products, so there might be small differences in sizing charts due to various factors. To make sure you’re selecting the right size, pay full attention to the chart size before making a purchase.

Care Instructions

Most casual sandals are easy to maintain and take care of, you’ll just need to wipe them with a damp cloth, with no need of using water or any solvents. Some are not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight for long hours and need to dry slowly, away from direct heat. To make sure you’ll take proper care of your favorite sandals and keep them longer, read the manufacturers care instructions carefully and follow them as suggested.

How to Wear Women’s Casual Sandals

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Your casual sandals may not be the best choice when dressing up for a special occasion, but they can be a great solution for a more casual dinner or a night out with friends. One of their greatest advantages is that they’re versatile footwear, so you can wear them for both, daily activities and evening events, wherever non-formal dress code is applicable.

For a perfect match, make sure the color of your sandals and your outfit go well together. A pair of casual sandals can show off a maxi dress or jeans beautifully. Most casual sandals for women are flat, therefore they’re practical, but still attractive footwear solution that fits perfectly in our everyday lives, regardless of age and style.