Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide: Say Bye to any Tree, Bush or Branch and Restore Your Lawn’s Good Looks

Whether you love it or fear it, the chainsaw has made its way into many people’s lives over the past few years, and for all the right reasons – it helps keep your yard in check. No more unwanted branches, bushes and trees, and certainly no more overpaying landscaping companies to remove them for you. If you don’t own a chainsaw by now, it’s definitely the time to change that by looking up a chainsaw sale and making a purchase.

But before you open up your wallet and buy one, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Namely, you should figure out what type of chainsaw is best suited for you, and what the difference between them is. The two types you’ll find on a chainsaw sale are electric and gas powered.


Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are typically the more quieter and light-duty option, plus you won’t have to worry about refilling the fuel tank. Depending on whether it’s corded or cordless, you might need an extra set of batteries if you want to operate it for longer time periods. If it’s corded however, you’ll probably need an extension cord so you can reach all the areas in your yard. Depending on the motor power, you’ll typically be able to cut through most branches and brushes. However, cutting through a grown tree might not be possible with an entry-level model.

Gas/Petrol Chainsaw

Gas or petrol models are the more heavy-duty option and they’re extremely loud and powerful. They can cut through virtually anything and are extremely portable. If you decide to go with with this type, make sure it’s comfortable and not too heavy, because that can quickly tire you. They typically feature a two-cycle engine and longer blade length. Also, make sure you use the right fuel to prevent engine wear. Read the owner’s manual to know what type of fuel manufacturer recommends.


Regardless whether you’ve decided to buy an electric-powered or a gas-powered chainsaw, there are some features you should highly consider in order to improve comfort, safety and efficiency. Namely, you should be looking at chainsaws that have anti-vibration, spring-assist starting, tool-less chain adjustment, low-kickback bars, chain breaker, automatic oiler and air-cleaning properties.


Chainsaws cut through wood with relative ease, so imagine what they can do to your flesh and bones. It’s important to always wear safety gear when handling such power tool. Goggles will prevent debris and dust from getting into your eyes and blinding you and gloves are also a must-have. Handle the saw very carefully, and store it safely!