How to Choose a Clutch that Will Perfectly Complement Your Looks

If you consider yourself fashion-conscious, you must know how important accessories are for an outfit. Especially handbags. You probably already have a nice collection for everyday use, but if you have a special event coming up or are just tired of lugging around your giant totes, a clutch can be the perfect solution.

A clutch is just the right size to store all your essentials like the phone, lipstick and keys. But although it’s small, a unique clutch can shake up your outfits big time. Even a plain and safe look can be instantly turned around into something classy and stylish with the right clutch. So, as you prepare to start your womens clutches online search, consider the following tips to help you make a good choice.

Pick an Elegant, Timeless Design

The occasions that call for an elegant, formal clutch are usually rare – weddings, engagements, black tie events. As you’re probably not going to wear such a clutch on a daily basis, it’s best to pick one that won’t go out of style anytime soon and will match most of your outfits. With that being said, it’s always a good tip to go for a neutral colour such as black. Be wary of any decorative features such as words or chains as they can make your clutch appear childish and stick to simple designs.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Get Playful

Of course, sometimes a clutch can be the perfect statement piece that can spice up a simple outfit. Once you’ve found a simple and versatile clutch, you can feel free to look for some bolder accent womens clutches online or around your local mall. For the summer, a clutch with stripes or in a floral pattern is a great choice to accessorize a monochromatic dress. Just make sure that one of the colours on the clutch matches the dress. And when shopping for clutches to complement your night-out looks, you can feel free to consider extravagant details such as sequins or beads as long as they match your style.

Consider Helpful Features

If you want to be able to organize your belongings better, opt for a clutch with internal pockets. You don’t need much, just a cellphone compartment and a small pocket for your keys can prove to be very helpful when you need to retrieve these essentials. Additionally, a strap can be a very convenient feature when you need to use your hands and you have nowhere to put the clutch down.

Match the Shape with Your Body Type

Your body type should be a big factor when choosing clutches. If you have a petite frame, be careful not to overwhelm it by choosing a clutch that’s too long. On the other hand, if you’re tall and big, a small clutch will make you appear a lot larger. In that case, a long and square clutch will look most flattering on you. If possible, try to shop for a clutch by holding it next to you while standing in front of a full-length mirror.