Get Ready to Explore Nature on Wheels: How to Clean Your Caravan Roof

Exploring nature has never been easier thanks to caravans. Similar to motorhomes, caravans are fancy, appealing but most of all convenient ways of exploring nature.

Being attached to any type of vehicle, caravans are the ideal separate living quarters that allow you to park it anywhere, and use your vehicle for sightseeing, shopping or for literally anything you like. Given the fact that this trailer option is a keeper, you should really take good care of it and keep it clean and always ready for some of your unexpected adventures. While cleaning the inside can be as easy as cleaning your home or vehicle, cleaning the outside can be a bit tricky, mainly because of its size. For this purpose, you should stock on the right essential so you could clean it without a problem.

caravan steps

Invest in Caravan Ladder Steps

Instead of risking yourself by cleaning the roof of your caravan with the help of a chair, it’s best if you invest in caravan steps. The secret behind caravan steps functionality and popularity lies in the fact that they are safe and extremely useful tools that will help you clean each and every corner of the roof without feeling endangered. Out of all types of ladders available on the market, you should certainly check the telescopic caravan ladder steps. How so?! Well, unlike regular fixed ladders, telescopic ladders can be adjusted to the height of your caravan without a problem. This, ensures you better access, especially to the centre of the roof, so you won’t have to climb on it and risk damaging it. It would be a shame doing that, right?!


Another reason why people love them so much is because of their convenience, ease of use and lighter weight. They are also easy to store, carry, move around, and extremely easy to set up. This will save you a lot of time, especially when in a hurry. When in the search for the right caravan ladder, make sure to consider all of the offered options on the market, so you could be sure that you’re making the right choice. When reviewing and comparing models, ensure taking into account their material, overall height and the height between the steps. If wondering ‘How high are caravan steps?’, it’s said that the highest telescopic ladder can be about 8 metres. Although mainly made of aluminium, still there can be some other options that you should take into account. You should also look for the EM131 certificate because it ensures that the chosen ladder is stable, safe and durable. Being that versatile and stable, you can easily use this handy equipment for many other household purposes like for instance cleaning the house exterior or some other hard to reach places.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

The type of cleaning solution you choose can mainly depend on how dirty the roof is and on your personal preferences of course. For instance, if it’s extremely dirty, you can use a diluted all-purpose cleaner as it can remove any type of dirt and grime. In case the roof is quite clean, you can use pH-balanced shampoo mixed with water. If needed, you can use separately a little bit of diluted all-purpose cleaner and clean the caravan’s roof.


Choose the Right Cleaning Tools

When in the search for the right cleaning tools, the most important tool you need to invest in is a quality cleaning brush. Practice shows that choosing a telescopic brush is better than choosing a regular fixed brush. Once you have it, you can start cleaning your caravan, just make sure that the wash bucket is near you on the ground, so you could easily dip the brush in it.

The Cleaning Process

Truth be told, cleaning the caravan is just like cleaning the rest of its body. All you have to do is gently scrub the surface with the cleaning solution, and if needed let it soak a bit so you could clean it better without lots of scrubbing. Once done, rinse it and wipe dry it. If you want to make it shinier, you can apply some wax to it. Besides giving it lots of shine and a feeling of exceptional cleanliness, the wax can also act as a protective layer, keeping the paint in perfect condition while keeping the caravan dirt free.
Depending on the wax you use, some of them allow for rinsing the caravan after their application, so the water could evaporate better. On the other hand, it’s said that this gives another layer of protection against dirt build-up in future.

Once you have all of the aforementioned things, you can clean your entire caravan on your own with ease and without any help. You know what they say, having the right tool for the right job means having the job half-done.