Coffee Table – a Simple Piece That Ties Your Living Room Design Together

Oh, the humble coffee table. Instead of getting a good deal of our attention, more often than not, this simple furniture piece is considered an afterthought when designing our interior. While the coffee table can seem like only one small part of the living room, go without one for a while and you’ll realise just how important it is.


A room without a unique coffee table looks a lot like putting on a gorgeous outfit but skipping on the lipstick – nice, but unfinished. If there’s no coffee table to tie your living room together, all the furniture pieces will look like they’ve been scattered around with no particular order. And just like you’d want your lipstick to be the right shade and look flattering on you, the same should go for your coffee table. It should complement and accentuate your interior – so choose it wisely!

A modern, design savvy setting always demands a sleek designer coffee table that doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s always a good idea to invest a few dollars more in sturdy hardwoods that hold the promise of longevity, like for instance, oak, ash, maple, or walnut. As a matter of fact, these natural materials have a rich texture and warm colour that makes any cold, contemporary space more inviting.


On the other hand, if you’re not into using coasters, choosing a glass table top will be a much easier choice when it comes to cleaning. And when it comes to looks, a designer coffee table made of glass is known for its transparent elegance which helps visually enhance a small space. But if you have a toddler that likes climbing on every piece of furniture you have, don’t get a glass table. All in all, choose a material that will best work for your lifestyle and complement your existing furniture.

There’s also the issue of shape, which is as much an issue of convenience as it is of appearance. Very long sofas pair well with long rectangular or oval coffee tables which will be within the reach of everyone seated. Small round or square tables look particularly lovely around small love seats and tight lounge areas. On the other hand, they easily get lost among bulkier furniture pieces. But if you fell in love with a smaller table and just can’t get it out of your mind – just buy two of them for a greater convenience! You might also want to consider a round model if you need something to soften the harsh, sharp lines in the room.