Contemporary Furniture: The Blend of Sophistication and Comfort

contemporary furniture

You don’t have to be an artist to be able to express your artistic skills. When you have the home as your canvas, you have plenty of space at hand to try out what the profession of a designer is like, and create an interior that’s customised and best reflects you as a person. If you’re not sure on where to begin, contemporary style is a good starting point. Many people usually avoid this style altogether because of the fear anything up to date is expensive, when in fact it’s the style that has wide price ranges fit for any budget.

This is possible thanks to the implementation of a number of materials, such as plywood, plastics, leather and steel, resulting in the production of a variety of contemporary furniture pieces. Since as a style it’s a mix of sophistication and simplicity – steering towards minimalism, the pieces, no matter whether it’s tables, cabinets, chairs, nightstands, sofas or beds among others, are designed not to take up too much space in a home so they help create a sense of openness. You can’t go wrong by opting to fully incorporate this style in your interior because it evokes energy and harmony.

The rounded and softened lines of contemporary furniture pieces where all the focus is on the basics of shapes represent the key values of this style: comfort and sustainability. While the furniture elements can usually be found in neutral colours (cream, white , taupe and brown more specifically), you can use art, as well as rugs, cushions and curtains to add some more texture by making way for bold colours. This is how you can manage to get a vibrant interior without compromising sophistication and creating an imbalance.

contemporary furniture

When creating a full contemporary interior décor, don’t be afraid to use lighting fixtures as statement pieces also. The sleek finishes and straight lines of contemporary lighting fixtures can add to the décor, and if you want to create some more atmosphere you can get bulbs in different colours, particularly accent lighting so you can showcase your art, make it pop in style. What’s important to remember when choosing furniture is, apart from buying within your budget, to look for pieces that really express you and not just buy something because you know is considered contemporary, because in the end furniture is going to serve you for years to come so it’s up to you to create an interior that you’d enjoy immersing in.