Corner Bath: the Perfect Solution for Small Bathrooms

Whether you’re renovating your old bathroom or styling a new one, make sure you’re focusing on comfort as it’s one of the most important aspects of bathroom design. Incorporating comfort and sophistication in every area of your bathroom is easy if you choose the right bathroom essentials for the space you’re working with.

And what’s more challenging than working with a small bathroom space? Balance is the key in how all the components work with each other to create the ambience you want to have in your bathroom and when it comes to small bathrooms, people often choose practicality over comfort. But if you want to get the best of both worlds, you may consider a corner bath for your limited bathroom space.

Why Choose a Corner Tub?


Tubs have been around since ancient times and over time, different designs have been modified to offer convenience to people’s bathing needs and meet the design trends of the time. A long, relaxing bath is a great way to recover from the stress of everyday life and corner tubs can work magic in every bathroom, whether it’s a tiny one or if you simply want to try something different in your bathroom design.

Corner tubs are shaped to fit into corners and are available in many different configurations, shapes and sizes. You can choose a corner bath as an excellent addition to a bathroom that’s a bit challenged for some extra space or an awkward layout. This type of baths can easily fit into areas where conventional bathtub designs can’t and create a stylish and comfortable corner space in any bathroom.

A corner bathtub features a useful seating area you can find very helpful when shaving or when you just feel like you want to soak your feet without getting the rest of your body wet. Besides, the seating area can be turned into a storage space where you can keep shampoo and shower gel bottles or place some candles and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your bath time. The design allows for more bathing space and can fit one to three bathers, which can be very helpful for homes with small children or older people that may need some assistance during bath time.

A corner bathtub is a tub with two sides anchored by walls and in terms of installation, you can choose between two options – freestanding and built-in tubs. If you want to make a dramatic statement in your bathroom, opt for a freestanding bath as it’s one of the trendiest solutions for modern bathrooms and can easily become the focal point of the entire bathroom area. Also, it’s the most hassle-free choice you can find out there. All you have to do is place the tub at the intersection of two walls.

There is no need for additional construction, which is one of the main benefits a freestanding tub will offer. Moreover, it offers a visually appealing design and practical and efficient use of corners, therefore, buying in a freestanding tub is considered a well-worth investment.

A built-in tub may seem like a more economical option at first, but it’s a little more demanding to install. It can help you create an amazing bath corner that matches your bathroom décor and interior and get more storage space, but you need to be careful with the covered spaces as they can generate bacteria formation due to residual moisture.

Before getting your corner tub, measure the space accurately and double-check the measurements to make sure there will be enough space around the bath and other fixtures. Also, always check the drainage location and choose a tub with the right drain position, whether it’s centralised or on the right or left side. If you purchase a tub with a wrong facing drain, you may not have access to the plumbing. It’s recommended to install your corner tub close to the sink for better access to water and drainage pipes.

Can You Have a Shower in a Corner Bath?


This is one of the most common question homeowners have when it comes to corner baths. And the answer is yes, you can outfit your bath with the right shower tap to refresh your senses. Some corner tubs shapes are great for tub and shower combinations and can be used both ways.

The bath may look amazing as it is, but if you want to enclose it, a glass corner shower enclosure is always a good idea. It can be fitted to your tub to keep the heat in while you’re enjoying bath time. If you’d like to skip the doors for any reason, you can go for a corner shower curtain rod.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a luxurious bath experience in your own tub, you can turn your corner into a mini spa with a corner steam shower and tub combination. Chances are your corner tub will become the focal point of your bathroom, so you can enhance the look with decorating around and next to it. Consider adding niches or shelves to the walls to get more storage space and add visual interest to the area and if your space allows it, think about placing the bathtub under or near a window.