Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing: Say Goodbye to Your Arch Woes

Whenever we think of trends and the changes in styles we could go for, have you noticed how usually somehow it all revolves around the closet and clothing choices? Although nothing new under the sun, it’s good to remember there’s a facial feature that has a great role in the appearance and styling game as well, one that mustn’t be overlooked: the eyebrows. This is something celebrities are well aware of and have been using to their advantage for setting more trends, such as the ultra-skinny brows of the 90s and beginning of 00s.

Luckily, today we’re facing a shift towards the natural beauty, so ultra-skinny is replaced by the full brows. Knowing how much the eyebrows can affect our look, we can’t just leave out their importance whenever we take our appearance into account. Sadly, however, we’re not all blessed with the full natural brows. No matter what the reason may be, whether it’s alopecia, scars or naturally sparse brows to blame, the answer to the arches’ woes is cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

While it may seem like a solution that wasn’t invented that long ago, eyebrow tattooing, and tattooing in general, found its beginnings in ancient times considering more proofs emerge of Egyptian mummies who still have their tattoos on. The whole process of tattooing has been changing over the years and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is no exception either. The first attempts at this, along with the whole scope of permanent makeup, happened throughout the 1930s, but it was the decades that followed when a real craze was formed for this makeup solution.


Fast forward to today, with the huge influence of technology, eyebrow tattooing happens to be a rather painless and desirable solution to getting the full arches look, especially if you waste a great deal of time on drawing them out every morning (flawless beauty doesn’t always happen that easy). There’s the answer to everyone’s prayer since if it’s not exactly permanent treatment you’re after, you could go for the semi-permanent that lasts from either up to a year or five years maximum. This is possible thanks to the process of micropigmentation. What’s micropigmentation you ask?

It’s a non-invasive method consisting of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Unlike pencil drawing, it’s something you won’t have to worry about having it wash off and constantly reapplying it. There are different techniques that can be used, such as the small hair strokes to mimic the eyebrow hair, or enhancing the natural shape with a lift, resulting in different styles you can choose from, be it the block style or feathering though the block one is considered to be rather outdated as with the feathering you get a natural look.

Depending on the requirements, the treatment can take one to two visits and you can expect the outcome to be polished, natural finish that won’t give you further trouble as there’s low maintenance. If your worry is the pain, there’s numbing ointment added right after the brow shape is outlined so you won’t feel any more pain than that of plucking your eyebrows.