Cricket Gear 101: Top 6 Battling Glove Brands Worldwide

Batting gloves are an important part of the apparel for bat-and-ball games. The glove covers one or both hands of a hitter, offering comfort, blister prevention, warmth, enhanced grip, and shock absorption when hitting the ball. And although batting gloves are not required at any level of the game, they are regarded as an important piece of cricket equipment.

Batting gloves are worn by the vast majority of professional and amateur cricket players to improve the bat’s grip. To hit a target, you must keep your grasp tight and controlled because even the tiniest slip or change in grip can be extremely costly to the team. They can also serve as a handguard when you slide into the base while doing a homerun.

Shock protection is another important feature of batting gloves, especially in amateur leagues that allow aluminium bats. A single swing can shatter fingers, especially on a cold day.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands of cricket batting gloves at your disposal.

Cricket batting gloves types of brands

1. Kookaburra Kahuna

The cricket outfit isn’t complete without these lovely batting gloves. It is an Australian brand, and all of its products are well-known and reliable. These gloves include a vented kangaroo leather palm, indicating that they are of exceptional quality. They also come with a soft fill foam padding to keep your hands secure and protected. In addition, they have multi-flex parts and a quick-release wrist clasp to make it simple for a player to put them on.

Kookaburra cricket gloves are extremely long-lasting, easy to use, and store. This means that they won’t break down with the constant wear and tear, all while offering a maximum level of protection. They’re available in several colours, including white, green, blue and black.

2. New Balance DC 880

These New Balance cricket batting gloves are a must-have because they are composed of high-quality imported PU. New Balance places a higher priority on safety and quality by putting plastic inserts on two lead fingers to provide additional protection. The palm is crafted of high-quality sheep leather for added comfort and durability. It is padded with 18 mm cross line foam padding to make it cushier and lighter. The gloves’ sweatband is elasticised and double-sided.

Another notable feature of modern batting gloves is their vibrant colours. Unlike bats, which have rigorous regulations governing how much of the blade can be covered with stickers, there’s no limit to the ways you can customise your gloves. They can come in practically any colour combination, such as the New Balance DC 880, which has a nice blend of white, black and orange.

3. MRF Grand Edition

International cricket superstar Virat Kohli prefers these MRF batting gloves since they are one of the most innovative on the market. They are made up of genuine leather and are quite durable. They are not prone to tearing and damage due to handling the bat.

MRF’s fingers are reinforced with high-density foam, making the gloves more flexible and secure. Perhaps the most practical part about these gloves is that they have a sweat-absorbing wrist grip, allowing the player to focus more on the game without worrying about losing grip of the bat. The fact that these gloves are lightweight adds to the excitement, as heavyweight gloves cause discomfort for the players. They normally have a white foundation with a red and blue design, which gives them a beautiful appearance.

4. Hilite Batting Gloves by SG

The palm of these gloves is made of newly developed Pittard’s grips performance leather, which retains strength and improves feel. These gloves also include an airflow gusset for improved ventilation and sweatbands on both sides for greater moisture absorption and player comfort. On the hard-wearing section, there is also an additional leather patch to prevent damage from friction.

Imported PU finger rolls and lightweight HD foam finger rolls are also included in SG batting gloves to provide added comfort to the players. The first four fingers of the bottom of the palm have a thermoplastic polyurethane casing for extra protection.

5. Thrax Reserve Edition Batting Gloves

These gloves have a conventional profile and offer unmatched shielding qualities, as well as a fibre insert and a unique finish with pre-bent fingertips. They have a cushioned leather palm with a reinforced wear panel, making them more versatile and worth purchasing.

A feature that makes these gloves stand out is the high-density lightweight foam cushioning, which makes them extremely pleasant to wear. The gloves’ surface material is extremely tough, and it includes a flexible PU upper layer that makes them even more resistant.

The hand straps are of excellent quality and provide a comfortable fit for players. If you’re looking for something with a lot of protection for your palms (like how the cricket boxes protect “the privates”), this is unquestionably the product to go with.

6. SS Gladiator Batting Gloves

The palm of these cricket batting gloves is composed of exceptionally soft sheep leather for a better fit and comfort. The best Korean PU is used to coat pre-shaped fingers, making them exceedingly light. Moreover, pre-bent fibre is placed in two of the front fingers to provide further protection for the players. Fibre inserts are used on the tops of each finger for extra padding for shock absorption so that the ball doesn’t hurt as much when you hit it.

It includes all of the features that a decent glove should have, such as a mesh gusset for increased airflow and a cushioned palm section. It’s also embossed with a wrist tab that’s fitted with 50mm velcro so it may be adjusted to match your needs. These gloves are unique in that they include an interior towell lining that makes them softer and more sweat absorbent.