Custom Made Vertical Blinds Are the Best Solution for Unusual Windows

Besides the constant technological evolution, there’s also another silent one going on in the background. If you haven’t noticed yet, interior design also races to keep step with modern trends. Many modern homes have started implementing designs that break away from the traditional norm, while also focusing on energy-efficiency. Therefore, it is not rare that we see broad transparent roofs and wide glass windows and doors in interesting, irregular shapes. Their ultimate goal is to make the space look more unique and of course, to let more sunshine in. But this thirst for more sunlight poses another problem – how to protect our privacy and keep the sun out of our rooms when we need to?Custom-Made Vertical Blinds

The answer? Custom made vertical blinds. These are tailored according to specific measurements and are just perfect for any angled, oval, triangular or other oddly shaped window. Being custom made vertical blinds are designed with a particular window type in mind, therefore, they maximise privacy and provide the needed level of privacy.

At an aesthetic level, vertical blinds are probably the most versatile type of window solution. They can be made from a wide choice of materials and colours, which makes them suitable for literally any interior design. The most exquisite models of vertical blinds are made from soft fabrics that create an airy atmosphere. However, there are also options such as paper, wood, aluminium and vinyl blinds. Vertical blinds, unlike horizontal ones, consist of wide slats which can be used as a canvas to carve in interesting textures and graphics. They are the perfect addition to any modern home if you want to create a unique impression.

Besides being the perfect visual solution for unconventional windows, custom made vertical blinds are also a huge energy saver. During summer time, they are the most effective window solution for blocking out the sun thanks to the way their slats are designed. In the colder months, they also act as a layer of insulation, keeping the warmth in, thus helping reduce heating costs. Moreover, with vertical blinds you can open your windows and let some air in without having to stack them up and let the sun in.

Having large windows comes with the disadvantage of having a large surface to clean. However, the large slats of vertical blinds make cleaning easy and fast. If you’re dealing with wood or aluminium, all you need to do is just occasionally go over them with a duster to get rid of the accumulated dust particles. If you have fabric vanes you can simply wash them with a sponge soaked in a bucket of water and soap. With vertical blinds you will never dread cleaning your windows!