Dance Costumes and Their Importance: Get Ready for Your Next Competition

Every dance team and each dancer as an individual should be well aware of just how important dance costumes are. As a dancer, you probably spend months perfecting your performance so you can memorize it and execute it in a flawless way on the D-day. If needed, you will also travel in order to take part in competitions. Well, all that effort can go to waste if you don’t complete the whole preparation process by finding the perfect dance costume.

ballet dance costume

Luckily, dance costumes Australia dancers use and like can be found in various different styles, thus making the choice much simpler.


As many of you probably know, ballet is considered as one of the oldest, classical dance types that is still very much alive and adored. What makes this type of dance so special are the balance, grace and strength every ballet dancer showcases each time he/she goes up on a stage. Quite often, ballet dance costumes Australia dancers swear by are simple yet noticeable. They are not supposed to distract the audience from the movements, but rather complement them by giving form and elegance to the whole act. Leotards, tutus, and crop tops are the basics, but if you prefer, you can go for bolder options.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a pleasant combination of ballet and modern dance styles. It includes slow and graceful movements that are often accompanied by a whole-body lively dance. This type of dance routine usually requires simple designs when it comes to costumes. For added scenery, dancers often include light, long, flowing material that accentuates the movements in a graceful way. Longer gowns that don’t restrict the dancer in any way are a convenient and popular choice for many.


Themed Dance

This is probably the only style that allows for greater versatility costume-wise. These mainly depend on the song and the imagined era of the piece, and if the theme allows – they can be quite playful too. When choosing the appropriate design, make sure that it completely matches the whole idea since it is much simpler to reflect the theme through the costume rather than only through movements.


Jazz and Hip-Hop

These two styles are usually combined and allow the contestants to wear elaborate and themed dance costumes. Jazz movements really activate the entire body, and the costumes for this style are often flashier and more eye-catching. This way, the audience is drawn to each and every action of the body. Moreover, when it comes to hip-hop, the song plays a major role in the choice of dance customs. You need to make sure that you set up the right mood by choosing costumes that add vibrancy and life to the performance.