De-Solv-It: Degreasing, Dewaxing and Adhesive Removal Tasks Made Easy

Living in these pandemic times, made us realise the importance of hygiene and how much it can affect our everyday lives. Cleaning your commercial space properly is essential for creating a good image in front of your customers, whether you are running a food business or any other type of business.

Desolve It

The competition is strong and everyone is trying to keep up and make their place as clean as possible. To provide an amazing experience to your employees and your customers as well, you need to consider regular, daily cleaning of the area. But what happens if your place is newly opened or just renovated? There are probably many stains that are hard to remove and you may be panicking about the (re)opening day coming soon.

Is there a stain that can’t be removed even though you have tried many different ways to dissolve it? You can invest in the proper cleaning equipment and solutions to keep the premises to the highest standard of appearance, but to make some very difficult tasks, such as degreasing, dewaxing and adhesive removal easier, you may want to consider getting De-Solv-It.

What Is De-Solv-It Made from?

Desolve It is a safer alternative to most traditional solvents. Its non-hazardous and non-corrosive formula makes it a great choice in solvent selection and is available in original citrus, mechanics and contractors solvent grade. You can choose Desolve It and tackle many problems, including chewing gums, tar, oil, wax, adhesives and more.

orange citrus-based cleaners

The Story of the Orange Citrus Based Cleaners

An interesting fact about the orange citrus-based cleaners is that this technology was born by accident. In 1932, a chemist stopped in the middle of blending dental impression to peel an orange. Then he noticed that the cement residue on his hands begun to dissolve naturally when met with the citrus oils. This event led to the discovery of the formula that is today known as De-Solv-It and became a staple solution for cleaning up the toughest stains.

Primarily, orange citrus-based cleaners rely on limonene, a colourless liquid hydrocarbon, which is often heightened with isomer D and other aliphatic compounds. These compounds don’t contain benzene or the similarly aromatic rings of atoms. Limonene is often used as a solvent for cleaning purposes and limonene containing isomer D is a less toxic substitute for xylene. It can help with many stains that seem impossible to remove, such as oil from machine parts, for instance. Additionally, isomer D provides the familiar smell of citrus.

De-Solv-It is one of the world’s best multipurpose cleaners and can make any cleaning challenge successful. It’s manufactured by a 100% family-owned Australian company, employing Aussie workers. In 2015, 2018 and 2019, De-Solv-It was awarded Recommended status by the CHOICE magazine. It’s a bio-degradable, non-ozone depleting and uses recyclable packaging. It’s certified as a food-safe product following the HACCP Australia’s Food Safety Certification System standards.

How to Use De-Solv-It

How to Use De-Solv-It

De-Solv-It is a highly effective, citrus-based multipurpose cleaner that can be used on almost any surface, including metal, glass, many plastics, ceramics, wood surfaces, carpets and fabrics. It can be used as a stain remover and to remove adhesive residue as well.

For use on hard surfaces, you need to apply, wipe and then rinse. Let it sit for 20-30 seconds, but if you’re facing a tough challenge and the stain can’t be easily removed, then leave it some more time before wiping.

De-Solv-It citrus solution is a safe alternative to many hazardous and toxic solvents and is the top brand to clean boats and equipment. It’s great for removing tar, oil, grease, asphalt, chewing gum and for removing sticky, greasy, grimy, oily, waxy, gooey problems from many different surfaces.

De-Solv-It contractors solvent is a non-hazardous and non-corrosive alternative to acetone or paint thinners. It’s ideal for removing caulk and silicone sealant, putty nails, water seal, tar, grease, liquid insulation, floor adhesive and oil.

De-Solv-It mechanics solvent is specifically designed for the mechanics’ trade. It can remove asphalt, brake dust, blacktop, brake fluid, residue, bug, chewing gum, gas gum, cosmetics, gear sludge, baked-on grease, motor oil, lubricants, resin, power steering fluid, fresh paint, rubber marks, diesel, silicone and cigarette soot, tar, transmission fluid, waxes, fresh paint, tape and tape residue, bumper stickers and window decals. It doesn’t harm metal, clear coat finishes or cured paint.

Medi-Sol adhesive remover contains 100% active ingredients including essential citrus oils, aloe vera, vitamin E and organic wetting agents and doesn’t contain water. It’s a hospital strength adhesive remover that effectively removes nitro patches, tape, tar residue from skin and hair.

In spray form, you can De-Solv-It multipurpose cleaner as a pre-spotter to gently remove the excess problem from clothing. Saturate the affected area on both sides of the fabric and let it work for a couple of a minute or two. Then blot the area with a paper towel and re-spray and launder as instructed by the item’s manufacturer.

When it comes to carpets and upholstery, the multipurpose spray may not be compatible with all. Do not use it on rubber back mats and never apply it directly to carpet or upholstery or allow it to wet or reach carpet backing. It’s not recommended for use on acrylic and some plastics, suede and leather, silk, elastic items, uncoated wallpaper and khaki-coloured fabric.