Definition and Type of Deciduous Trees

In every change, in every falling leaf, there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.” – Amit Ray

There is nothing more romantic than autumn’s falling leafs. When the leaves start to fall, I feel as if nature is trying to remind us that nothing blooms all year long, no matter how strong. My garden would have been much poorer in beauty if it weren’t for my Weeping White Mulberry. Once its leaves start to fall, I feel both love and sadness; witnessing the last connection between the tree and the leaf. I contemplate a single leaf’s journey – imagining its story, its fragile lonely life, singing the last goodbye along with the wind’s chime.

Deciduous Trees

These trees are just like an old romantic tale, they grow, flatter, mature and depart – their romance with the leaves comes to an end. When you look at a deciduous tree, after its leaves have fallen off, the branches remain vigilant and ready to bloom again, although awaiting for the spring. Despite the fact that these trees salute every autumn with their messy tradition, romantic souls find the carpet of leaves appealing and attractive. Apart from being a most wonderful addition to your yard, a lot of people use the wood that comes from these trees to build structures, sculpting and firewood.

It is no wonder that these trees are spread all around the globe. Most common examples of deciduous trees are oak, maple and hickory. With over 600 species of oak trees, they are the most memorable deciduous tree that have that charismatic leaf loss in autumn and their leaves regrow in early spring again. Their leaves are large, globe-shaped and they produce the nutty fruit called acorn. However, my personal choice (as an eternal melancholic) was the amazing Weeping Mulberry – a small, sturdy tree with beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and white fruits that when ripe, turn quite pink. For those of you that would like to add a burgundy splash to your outdoor space, Prunus Nigra (black cherry plum) would be the perfect choice. It leaves, darker than the dryiest wine will create an atmosphere most sublime!

If you have a romantic soul like mine, then I welcome you to the wondrous world of deciduous trees. After planting a deciduous tree in my backyard, every autumn has become a landscape of emotion, like a kingdom from an old tale; I feel as if I owning the best natural carpet in the world.