Dental Implants: The Solution to Restore Your Dazzling Smile

Life is a myriad of beautiful moments, moments that make it worthwhile and as such it should be one filled with smiles. Unlike previously thought, smiles are innate, they’re the facial expressions we inherit while we’re still in our mothers’ wombs. A smile is associated with pleasantness, it’s the natural accessory we can wear and the one people base their impressions about us on. As such, a smile is an important component of an individual’s self-esteem, yet we haven’t all been blessed with the perfect one… Thank God for dentistry.


Why shy away from your natural need when with some dental help you can have your dazzling smile back? There are all sorts of problems that might arise, from the nuisance of tooth decay, to gum disease and injury, all of which could result in tooth loss. Tooth extraction isn’t the end though, and dentures aren’t the only solution there is since there’s another long lasting alternative – dental implants. It’s interesting to note, it was in the 1950s when dentists, doctor Leonard Linkow among them, started inserting titanium and other metals into the jaw bones. However, these weren’t the only beginnings of implants considering ancient peoples, such as Egyptians, Chinese and Celts used golden ligature wire to replace missing teeth and stabilise the neighbouring teeth.


Dental implants are imitation of nature at its finest, with titanium acting as the tooth roots. Once surgically placed into the bone and integrated (over a certain period of time), the next step of the process is placing the abutments, i.e. the small posts that serve as support for the final addition – the implant crowns. Since implants are structures that stand alone, they only require the bone for support which makes them better than bridgework that relies on neighbouring teeth. The reason you should consider implants when missing teeth over a long period is because of preventing bone loss and preserving the facial structure.

The great thing about implants is their durability and their natural look. No one would be able to tell the difference when you get your implants and you’d be able to restore your dazzling smile, as well as your self-esteem. Implants don’t require any particular care other than that recommended for your natural teeth, brushing at least three times a day and flossing. Another reason they’re better than bridgework and dentures is that they don’t obstruct clear and understandable speech. Get those implants and prepare to be amazed!