Design Corner – What to Know When Choosing a TV Unit for Your Home

white tv unit

Regardless of whether you are a binge-watcher, love a casual film night every now and then or are chained to your screen thanks to your kids or game-loving family members, chances are you probably need a TV storage unit in your living room. And as a matter of fact, this piece of furniture is a great addition to your home – it stores all the TV and entertainment accessories and it serves as the perfect spot for you to display some loving memories of your trips and your loved ones. So, regardless of your style and the overall interior design of your living room, there is a vast array of TV units furniture pieces to choose from. Stick with me to find out what to keep in mind when shopping for one.

Function and Storage

Consider what will you store in your entertainment unit and whether you just need it for decoration. If what you prefer is a minimalist design piece, then just place your TV on top of a bench-style stand. If you don’t want any clutter, don’t store any entertainment in visible spots and look for TV units furniture pieces that have drawers or small doors. If you have a wall unit, your entertainment area can be a one-stop-shop. What I mean by this is that a design that has many shelves will ensure that you have a place to store everything from board games and books to your grip of cords and phone chargers.

Size and Shape

When considering what’s the best size and shape for a TV unit, let form follow function. Think how large is actually your TV. Is it something that’s a part of your everyday life or it’s something that you like to hide and just display when you have a need for it? If you want your TV stand to be the focal point of the room, go with a bold statement piece. On the other hand, if you would rather have your TV blend into its surroundings, choose an inconspicuous wall-mounted bracket. Also, keep in mind the size of the room. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, nerves and money if you know your space limitations and measurements upfront.


TV stands range from traditional and contemporary to minimal and modern. The traditional models are much more likely to have wood in their design, while the modern designs can be made of anything from plastic to glass or metal. They can either be in a bench style, be bulkier in the form of an entertainment unit or a wall bracket. So consider your wants and needs and choose a piece that will perfectly serve its function and will beautify your living room.