Designing the Office Reception Area Right Because First Impressions Last

You only have one chance to make a good first impression – as the famous saying goes. When it comes to welcoming your clients in your offices, making a good first impression is of essential importance. When they enter the premises, the reception area is what they see first and it is the place where they might have to wait for a few minutes until their turn comes. Therefore, how you design the place will serve them as an indicator of the way you go about your business goals. Designing this area is a process which takes serious planning and picking out details. For this purpose, you can either consult an interior designer who will explain the nuts and bolts of designing a place or you can do it by yourself, guided by your preferences. Here are some tips to nudge your creativity.

First of all, the entering and exiting spot should be clearly marked so that there is no confusion created for your clients. Then, you should carefully plan the flow of traffic because it can be very off-putting if your clients bump into each other or have no privacy while they are waiting for their meeting. If you have the opportunity, you can have a separate exit to keep the traffic moving in one direction, if not, just make sure there is plenty of space so your clients won’t cross paths with each other.

Secondly, fill the space with the right furniture. Two aspects of the furniture are what gives your clients an idea about who they are going to make business with: the reception desk and the seating solutions. So, you should think in terms of practicality, functionality and looks. The reception desk is the focal point of your reception area and it should be easily noticeable and accessible from the entering spot. A simple rule of thumb is to choose a front desk with enough storage so you can tuck away items and documents that needn’t be seen by your clients. Also, there should be enough room for phones, computers, printers and scanners. A good choice is to go for wood like teak or oak with wood grain laminate which will give the luxurious look you need and you can have it combined it with steel, aluminium or plexiglass for some finishing touches.

For the seating area, you need to choose quality reception office chair solutions which can provide comfort for the clients. You need to plan how many reception office chair seatings to put in the waiting room space depending on the estimation of clients you could have waiting at the same time. You can choose Scandinavian style chairs, with a comfortable seat and a backrest and wooden legs, or maybe leather armchairs. If you prefer a more home-like atmosphere, then a lounge might be a better option. Depending on the room you have available, you can choose a lounge for 3, 4, 5, or more people. Of course, a nice small coffee table is what you have to get next to complete the look.

Finally, the decorative details should be minimalistic but still able to evoke a strong presence. Art pieces, a relaxing water feature or even an aquarium with exotic fish can all amount to creating a pleasant atmosphere. Finally, don’t forget the power of lighting. You can go for a soft, bright light which creates the sense of calmness or low, warm light as to fill the place with homey ambience. And last but not least, a bold visualisation of your logo placed behind the desk or on any other wall will increase the value of your brand and prompt appreciation.