How To Get Ripped: Diet, Sports Nutrition Supplement & Workout Guide

As any bodybuilder will tell you, the hardest muscles to shape are the abs. It’s actually not the muscles that are hard to shape, but losing the excessive fat built on them is hard to melt. Especially because we all love to eat all kinds of food and we’re not exactly very disciplined when it comes to tasty junk food and sweets. Yup, that’s the starting point if you want to be a shredded beast – you need to get disciplined about your food, get your nutrition in place and then sweat buckets.

Yes, it takes a lot of hard work to get the six pack you so desire, but the journey can be made a lot easier if you just make it your goal to follow 4 simple principles that include: clean diet, sports nutrition supplements, cardio and weight training.


Eat Clean to Be Lean

The way to a ripped six pack starts through the stomach. It’s simple: include a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, yams, potatoes, brown rice and whole grain breads. Fruits and veggies are essential for your dose of vitamins and minerals. Proteins of course are inevitable and the best source is through chicken, turkey, fish, buffalo and other red meat sources. You’d also need a lot of fats, but be careful: fish oils, vegetable and olive oils are the ones you want. Once you get your diet in order, you should start seeing that weight loss results and the first signs of muscle mass.



You can’t get lean without cardio. Whether you’ll be power walking, running or hiking, elevating that heart rate and getting your heart to pump more and more is something you must do if you want fast blood circulation. Cardio exercising will help you sweat and start melting that excessive fat on your abs and tighs. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of quality cardio in your regimen and you’re good to go. If you find it hard to run and endure for more than 10 minutes doing cardio exercises, you could try endurance sports nutrition supplements that will give you the extra energy to endure.


Weight Training

Once you feel prepared and in-shape, you should put your body to a real effort: weight training. The thing is, you can’t build muscle mass without lifting heavy weights. The pressure you put on your body should be high enough to make your muscles break in order to grow. That would be the simplified version of the whole story. However, this takes time and a lot of sweat along with a planned increase of the weight on every following session.

Finally, the Supplementation

You could start your fitness journey without taking some supplements, but the results will take so much time to come, I assure you you’ll be tempted to give up and will give up eventually. So, don’t make that mistake and shoot for sure: choose the proper sports nutrition supplements to support your trainings and help you build the lean muscle mass you’re aiming for. Start with the basic protein powders for growth and you can add in the fat burners, growth stimulating substances and similar products as you progress on the journey.