Who Should Consider Diff Drop Kits?

One of the first things most off-road enthusiasts do when they purchase a brand new 4×4 is fit a suspension or a lift kit. Whether it’s for the added ground clearance, looks, ride height or all of the above, it’s important to understand the suspension system inside out so that you know how all of it works in unison to provide you with an improved off-road performance and off-road comfort. It’s also quite important to get a grasp on the driveline components, especially the aspect of diff drop in IFS (independent front suspension) equipped 4×4’s, like the late-model HiLux.

The reason why it’s the diff drop kit HiLux owners consider is mainly that it helps minimize the CV shaft angle, which is increased with the fitting of a suspension lift. When raising your HiLux’ suspension, the coil struts/overs push the lower control arms down, thus placing the hub in a lower position relative to the front differential housing, which remains static on the vehicle’s cross member. As a result, the operating angle of the front CV shaft assembly is increased, which can lead to increased wear on the CV joints, weaken them, increase the wear and tear on the rubber CV boot ribs and increase the odds of the CV shaft pulling out of the inner joint.

In other words, you’re risking a CV joint failure, which unless you’re handy with tools, will probably mean a towed ride back to the mechanics for repairs that will cost you quite a bit of money, and will leave you without a vehicle for a while. The diff drop kit HiLux owners install for increased driveline reliability and to push the boundaries of their HiLux’ off-road capabilities. This is especially true if you’re installing a 2″ suspension lift to your HiLux. That doesn’t affirm that your Hilux won’t benefit from a diff drop kit if your suspension is only 2″.

Either way, a diff drop kit should be installed by a knowledgeable mechanic, as its installation can be quite complicated, just like the suspension lift kit installation. However, once in place, a suspension and diff drop kit can improve your HiLux’ off-road performance significantly in terms of comfort, performance, appearance and ground clearance. So if you’re serious about off-road driving, then you probably want to consider installing a suspension and diff drop kit, as it’s one of the most affordable yet effective ways to alter how your HiLux drives.