The Different Types of Workwear Clothing Explained

Sometimes it can be hard to gauge exactly what type of workwear your employees need, as some types of clothing can look very similar and make it that much harder for you to choose. Not every piece of clothing in the workwear department is made for the same purpose – different uniforms have different features which help the exact job that they’re meant to be used for. This can be rather confusing if you have never done this kind of shopping, but there’s no need to worry as today I’m going to explain the different types of workwear clothes and what they are mostly used for. Stay tuned.


Casual work clothing is more relax and less formal when compared to office clothing. It is more laid-back and usually worn by people who work in the office and also assigned in the field. In some companies, the management is lenient, which means that they allow employees to dress casually as that’s best for their comfort hence – productivity. Whether it is for women or men, jeans are some of the essentials when it comes to casual workwear clothing. They are often paired with long-sleeves or polo shirts for the ultimate well-put-together look. Women usually have a greater array of choices to pick from as there are many casual dresses that they can wear in order to look fashionable and professional at the same time.


With office workwear, you should expect a more formal approach with a small bit of casual to it. Office workwear is mostly used in the corporate world in order to show authority. There are some job settings that allow for more casual office workwear – with people that work in the creative field or in the publishing department. But if you work in the finance or accounts department then the dress code goes up to a more formal level.


With work uniforms, it’s going to be easier to determine what type of clothing you need as they mostly apply for whole departments. If you are someone who employes hotel staff, waiters or security guards – then uniform workwear clothing is pretty much all you need. There’s also a variety of medical uniforms called scrubs and they come in a variety of styles for men, women and there are some unisex models as well. Usually, the only accessory you can add to uniforms is the company logo.

Safety Clothing

With safety workwear there aren’t many styles that you can choose from as this type of clothing is more in favor of function rather than design. Although limited in design, safety clothing can be quite comfortable to wear as it is used mainly by people who work on construction sites. The shirts are usually made from tightly woven material and the vests are designed to protect workers from the elements. When working night shifts out in the open, wearing a high – visibility vest is a must.