Divine Lighting: The Majesty of the Chandelier

We’re all aware of the fact that chandeliers, and any other kind of lighting fixture for that matter, are supposed to be functional. But what many people fail to acknowledge is the huge stylish role that chandeliers have in the interior design of a room. They can add drama and versatility to a space, emphasizing the parts of the room you wish the attention to be focused on. For the sake of adding style and a dose of drama – introducing the timeless design of cascading chandeliers.


These are a type of a base with strands falling from it, and although they look quite expensive, you can find these chandeliers for sale online, meaning – you won’t have to spend a fortune on lighting. Their strands might be glass bubbles, crystals or shells. Generally, there are no rules as to where you should place a chandelier, but as interior design is all about good looks and aesthetically put together details – there are still some unspoken rules to have in mind when choosing a lovey of this kind. Time for adding some royalty to your comfort zone.


Right above the dining table

Since cascading chandeliers are rather large, not many would think to use them above the dining table. However, since you’ll certainly come across a variety of chandeliers for sale, you’ll realize that not all of them are huge and bulky. They come in different sizes and shapes, so choose a slightly smaller version in the form of classic bubbles to give the space more interest and make a real statement. Furthermore, experiment with the material; think a set of progressively smaller disks that would act as an abstract representation of an upside down pagoda. This beauty would perfectly fit in an Asian-inspired room. Or, a contemporary designed dining room with a glass dining table and minimalist chairs, would instantly become more dramatic and exotic with an intricate chandelier which will contrast with the modern feel of the space.

Above the sitting area

Living rooms that have high ceilings oftentimes give the space a somewhat cold feel. In such cases, a large cascading chandelier could be of huge help as it will bring the room down to human scale, making the living space more intimate. Think a sophisticated capiz shell fixture that glows from within and casts a warm light throughout the room for a more homey feel. Rooms that have only one dramatic and eye-appealing element, such as an amazing chandelier that towers over the entire room, are the reason why I’m so in love with this minimalistic style. It’s always that one element that breaks the monotony that wins my heart. Sleek lines, neutral colours and a carefully chosen chandelier which adds value and shows the owner’s sense of style. Simplicity at its finest!