Dog Cameras: Benefits of Having One

While security and nanny cams have been used pretty commonly in the past several years, pet cameras are only recently gaining popularity among pet owners. Your furry little friend can be fascinating, and being able to watch some of their candid antics can be entertaining. But there’s more to cat and dog cameras than just cute clips of them derping around. Pet cameras can help you and your pet have better and care-free lives. Unfortunately, most of us have to leave our pets at home alone while we’re off to work. For our pets, whose entire world revolves around us, this can be boring, stressful, unpleasant and scary. And for us, leaving our pets behind can also be very unpleasant – they’re always in the back of our minds as to what they might be up to, or whether their behavior is annoying the neighbors. This makes the dog monitor camera a great solution for busy owners who want to check in on their beloved pets to make sure they aren’t getting into trouble and to boost their mood throughout their working day. But there’s more to dog cameras than just that – here are the most notable benefits.

You Won’t Worry About Your Pet’s Health as Muchdog with camera

The biggest concern for most pet owners is that while their pet is home alone, it might get hurt or eat something bad without anyone being close enough to help them. The idea that your dog can decide to eat a throw pillow haunts many owners. Even if your pup has a stomach of steel, the vet bills alone can easily be in the hundreds. That being said, there are a few options when it comes to monitoring your dog’s health during your work hours. Most people opt to kennel their pets, which is beneficial for some pets, but most of the time, kenneling your dog will cause the dog to bark, which won’t impress your neighbors. And while you can doggie-proof your entire house, it’s hard to be sure you’ve got every hazard covered. And that’s where dog cameras come into play. You can check your pet’s state as often as you like and assure yourself they’re healthy and happy at any moment. Some cameras have a barking alert, so if your pet is in trouble or up to no good – you’ll be alerted timely.

Enjoy Your Time Away From Home More

dog camera interaction
Your dog is wired to want to be near you all the time. As pack animals, not having their pack leader nearby can be extremely stressful. And when you’re gone every day, the stress can quickly turn into a chronic condition. By the time you get home, your dog will be wound up and it will have the need to release all of that anxiety. As a result, your dog gets all excited when you get back home from work or aren’t leaving the house for the weekend, which can mean that your weekends and nights can be spent corralling a very excited pup. When you have a dog camera, however, you can talk and interact with your dog even when you’re away, making them feel less stressed when you aren’t home, which can lead to happier and calmer playtimes. Make sure you pick a camera that has night vision so that you can have peace of mind even throughout the nights.

Skip the Untrained Puppy Stage

One of the major challenges for most dog owners is getting through their dog’s life when the dog hasn’t mastered things like leaving the trash alone, barking all day long, or housebreaking. This can be especially problematic for dog owners who have a busy schedule, and they can only reinforce good behavior a few hours a day. With a pet camera, you can correct barking when it happens, and check in occasionally to make sure your dog is behaving properly. Some camera models can even provide your pet a treat when they respond to your orders and directions. This allows you to train your dog when you’re away from it so that it will associate the camera as a positive-reinforcement training tool.

Be More Productive and Calmer While at Work

productivity at work

Many people think that having access to your dog all day long can be bad for productivity. But when you think about it, spending time with your furry pal actually reduces stress and increases the release of serotonin in your brain. When you’re anxiety-free and happy, you can focus on your tasks easier and even get more enjoyment out of completing them. Studies show that taking a brief break to stretch, meditate, walk or just breathe deeply during your work hours can make all the difference in productivity. I think that checking up on your dog through a dog camera, tossing them a treat and seeing them get excited from the sound of your voice can have a similar impact.