Dressing Up In Your 50s: Ageing Well is About Being Fashionable

In a world focused on youthfulness, let’s be like wine and mature well with age. Ageing is nothing to be afraid of; I might as well say the 50s are much better than the 20s for a number of reasons. For one, you know what you like and what you simply can’t put up with so you know what works for you, and second, you’ve had your share of mistakes and stress, and it’s finally time to enjoy life.

Instead of letting wrinkles, grey hair or sags scare you, embrace your age with class and stay fashionable. Sure, there are pieces you have to avoid so as not to end up looking desperate in an effort to show you’re younger than you actually are, but there are many staple pieces you can fill up your wardrobe with starting from dressy clothes for older women.

dressy clothes for older women

Instead of going for something too tight or too loose, hiding behind your clothes, it’s time to wear something cool and comfortable, like dresses made to fit in a way they flatter your shape, particularly the curves. This would give you the lesson not to take “age-appropriate” as a term only used in bad connotation.

In fact, why not get a dress for every occasion? They can always make you feel womanly the minute you put them on! Luckily, the range of dressy clothes for older women is wide, so you’re sure to find the style, colour, cut, and pattern that suits you most.

What you should avoid, however, is going for short pieces and the tacky sexy look they bring about, so it’s advisable to choose a dress that goes down to the knees because that can bring out your feminine side better, in a sensual way.

Don’t forget to stick to the bright bold colours; sure, you might want to get the dull dark shades, but do yourself a favour and brighten up, it would show off your skin tone well. When it comes to other pieces, pencil skirts are a definite must as they fit the curves well too, as for jeans, as long as they’re dark and boot-cut you can be sure of a great look.

Shirts should be your go-to choice, yet if you want to mix it up a bit from time to time tank tops and tees wouldn’t hurt, however, if you’re afraid of showing too much skin, it’s best to pair them with a nice jacket. Last but not least, the shoes are an investment you have to think of carefully, always choosing comfort, so pairs you should have are boots, flats, and pumps if you can wear them.