Effective Way for Bakeries to Meet High Sanitation Standards

No matter how quality, how tasty the products from your bakery are, the two most important ingredients for success in the long run are hygiene and sanitation. Yeast flower and water are the essence for making almost all of the baked goods, however, as much as these three ingredients can be of help during the making process, they can also be the reason for many problems related to bacterial growth. Since food pathogens are the last thing any bakery owner wants to offer to their customers, making sure that the equipment utilized in the kitchen and the kitchen itself is perfectly clean is a must.

Black Hawk Steam Cleaner


Prior to the invention of the steam cleaner and vacuum, bakeries relied on dry cleaning. This doesn’t mean that the kitchen areas used to be unsanitary at all times, but it used to take a lot more time and effort to clean and disinfect everything. Brushing and scraping is all people who rely on the dry method can do and this is quite ineffective, especially since it means wasting precious time that could be used for new baking projects. What’s more, this method poses a greater risk for the process not to be as thorough as necessary which is a great risk.

Investing in high quality steam cleaner and vacuum puts an end to this risk. These machines are designed to put an end to cutting corners and thoroughly cleaning even the hard-to-reach areas. This allows for easy removal of large quantities of ingredients which in turn prevents cross-contamination. This is especially important since wheat, flour, milk, eggs and peanuts are common allergens and the awareness regarding the issues they cause has never been more on the rise.

Adequately cleaning and sanitizing equipment with an industrial steam cleaner doesn’t require long hours of labor that results in loss of productivity. This makes the decision to invest in such piece of equipment a smart, long term solution. The best thing about vacuum steam cleaners is the fact that they work without the use of any harsh chemicals. However, this doesn’t prevent them from being able to cut through grease, oil or sugar deposits. What allows the steam cleaners to be so effective is the fact that the steam they produce reaches up to 413°F / 212°C – a temperature that’s proven to safely kill all organisms. Finally, this level of sanitation is remarkably effective for preventing the growth of mold, which can be just as annoying as pests.