Electrical Supplies: Info on Double Power Points

Can you imagine what your life would be like without your precious appliances and devices? Going a few hours without using some of them is nice and all, but trying to refrain from using them for a day, or days on end, certainly shows you how much quality they add to your life.

But for them to function at their best, you can’t do without power, and the connection between these two elements is in the form of an electrical outlet. Also known as GPO, short for general purpose outlet, it can be found in both single and double GPO options. Our focus is on the latter, and how it can benefit your home, recreational, or commercial power needs.

What Does Double GPO Mean?

double power points
source: thelocalelectrician.com.au

It’s an outlet with a design that comes with two places for two plugs, allowing you to plug in two appliances, light fixtures, or devices at the same time. Due to the functionality, the dual-purpose nature, to be exact, the convenient double power points are suitable for all the rooms in your home, your home on wheels, as well as your workplace.

Why Get a Double GPO?

Simply said, because it can make your life easier, as well as safer. Unlike the single GPO alternative which, as indicated by the name, allows only for one appliance or device to be plugged in, it can provide you with much more practicality at home, as you don’t have to look for longer cables to get them to the nearest outlet.

If you’re looking for another reason, the ideal solution for a space where more people are fighting for the outlet to charge their phones. So, what I’m saying is, if you want some peace restored, the double GPO could be the missing piece of the puzzle. You also don’t have to resort to using double adaptors to plug in more appliances. This solution, although neat and reliable at first, can easily turn into a headache if you consider the overloading of this system (e.g., using multiple adaptors), especially given the increase in the risk of overheating.

This can lead to electrical faults that can be quite troublesome and hefty, affecting your appliances, damaging them beyond repair, or even damaging the electrical system in general. The additional risk that’s life-threatening and not just costly? Overheating can just as easily result in fires. Why resort to something unreliable, temporary, and rather unsafe, when you can simply get the best of powering up with the double power points of quality?

While providing you with minimal risks, they offer an optimally secure and stable power supply, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your appliances. With a little bit of care and knowledge, it’s possible to repair or replace the faulty or old single outlets with new power outlets. But not just with any replacement – stylish and advanced double power point outlet for double efficiency.

One more reason to love them is the fact that they come in a range of options nowadays, that have plenty to offer not only in terms of functionality but aesthetics as well. For instance, besides the incredible designs with double switches (or extra switches), allowing you to turn on or turn off each of the appliances as you please, the weatherproof models fit for indoor and outdoor use, or those advanced with a USB port detail allowing you to charge your devices in a jiffy, you can also count on these electrical supplies to enhance your home’s style.

More often, we focus on the big elements, like furniture when trying to change up the interior, when something smaller, like electrical hardware, could be a more affordable and stylish choice. Look for a double-power outlet that matches the existing décor in colour, material, and finish, or opt for something contrasting to create your own unique aesthetic, and the outcome would certainly be eye-catching!

How to Ensure Smooth Double GPO Operation?

Although it’s not that difficult to swap out the single for double outlets, it can be rather complex when your home is made of solid brick. Stone-faced walls are equally complex, in which case it’s best to leave things in the hands of professional electricians to ensure a safe operation.

They know if there’s enough space for your choice of outlet, if they should be horizontally or vertically installed, and if the wiring is safe enough for this change. They could also let you know if the items you plan on using with this outlet are safe enough, and wouldn’t overload the circuit, to give you peace of mind that there’s no risk of overheating.

Once installed, check whether the outlet operates as expected on both plugs. If you have a switch or USB design, check if those aspects are functional too, and whether the appliances and devices receive the power properly.